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  • v2.5.0 Changes

    November 17, 2014
    • Add documentation for expected background session manager usage (Aaron Brager)

    • Add missing documentation for AFJSONRequestSerializer and AFPropertyListSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add tests for requesting HTTPS endpoints (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add init method declarations of AFURLResponseSerialization classes for Swift compatibility (Allen Rohner)

    • Change default User-Agent to use the version number instead of the build number (Tim Watson)

    • Change validatesDomainName to readonly property (Mattt Thompson, Brian King)

    • Fix checks when observing AFHTTPRequestSerializerObservedKeyPaths (Jacek Suliga)

    • Fix crash caused by attempting to set nil NSURLResponse -URL as key for userInfo dictionary (Elvis Nuñez)

    • Fix crash for multipart streaming requests in XPC services (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix minor aspects of response serializer documentation (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix potential race condition for AFURLConnectionOperation -description

    • Fix widespread crash related to key-value observing of NSURLSessionTask -state (Phil Tang)

    • Fix UIButton category associated object keys (Kristian Bauer, Mattt Thompson)

    • Remove charset parameter from Content-Type HTTP header field values for AFJSONRequestSerializer and AFPropertyListSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

    • Update CocoaDocs color scheme (@Orta)

    • Update Podfile to explicitly define sources (Kyle Fuller)

    • Update to relay downloadFileURL to the delegate if the manager picks a fileURL (Brian King)

    • Update AFSSLPinningModeNone to not validate domain name (Brian King)

    • Update UIButton category to cache images in sharedImageCache (John Bushnell)

    • Update UIRefreshControl category to set control state to current state of request (Elvis Nuñez)

  • v2.4.1 Changes

    September 04, 2014
    • Fix compiler warning generated on 32-bit architectures (John C. Daub)

    • Fix potential crash caused by failed validation with nil responseData (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix to suppress compiler warnings for out-of-range enumerated type value assignment (Mattt Thompson)

  • v2.4.0 Changes

    September 03, 2014
    • Add CocoaDocs color scheme (Orta)

    • Add image cache to UIButton category (Kristian Bauer, Mattt Thompson)

    • Add test for success block on 204 response (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add tests for encodable and re-encodable query string parameters (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add AFHTTPRequestSerializer -valueForHTTPHeaderField: (Kyle Fuller)

    • Add AFNetworkingOperationFailingURLResponseDataErrorKey key to user info of serialization error (Yannick Heinrich)

    • Add imageResponseSerializer property to UIButton category (Kristian Bauer, Mattt Thompson)

    • Add removesKeysWithNullValues setting to serialization and copying (Jon Shier)

    • Change request and response serialization tests to be factored out into separate files (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change signature of success parameters in UIButton category methods to match those in UIImageView (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to remove charset parameter from application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change AFImageCache to conform to NSObject protocol ( Marcelo Fabri)

    • Change AFMaximumNumberOfToRecreateBackgroundSessionUploadTask to AFMaximumNumberOfAttemptsToRecreateBackgroundSessionUploadTask (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix documentation error for NSSecureCoding (Robert Ryan)

    • Fix documentation for URLSessionDidFinishEventsForBackgroundURLSession delegate method (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix expired ADN certificate in example project (Carson McDonald)

    • Fix for interoperability within Swift project (Stephan Krusche)

    • Fix for potential deadlock due to KVO subscriptions within a lock (Alexander Skvortsov)

    • Fix iOS 7 bug where session tasks can have duplicate identifiers if created from different threads (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix iOS 8 bug by adding explicit synthesis for delegate of AFMultipartBodyStream (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix issue caused by passing nil as body of multipart form part (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix issue caused by passing nil as destination in download task method (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix issue with AFHTTPRequestSerializer returning a request and silently handling an error from a queryStringSerialization block (Kyle Fuller, Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix potential issues by ensuring invalidateSessionCancelingTasks only executes on main thread (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix potential memory leak caused by deferred opening of output stream (James Tomson)

    • Fix properties on session managers such that default values will not trump 🔧 values set in the session configuration (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix README to include explicit call to start reachability manager (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix request serialization error handling in AFHTTPSessionManager convenience methods (Kyle Fuller, Lars Anderson, Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix stray localization macro (Devin McKaskle)

    • Fix to ensure connection operation -copyWithZone: calls super implementation (Chris Streeter)

    • Fix UIButton category to only cancel request for specified state (@xuzhe, Mattt Thompson)

  • v2.3.1 Changes

    June 13, 2014
    • Fix issue with unsynthesized streamStatus & streamError properties on AFMultipartBodyStream (Mattt Thompson)
  • v2.3.0 Changes

    June 11, 2014
    • Add check for AF_APP_EXTENSIONS macro to conditionally compile background method that makes API call unavailable to App Extensions in iOS 8 / OS X 10.10

    • Add further explanation for network reachability in documentation (Steven Fisher)

    • Add notification for initial change from AFNetworkReachabilityStatusUnknown to any other state (Jason Pepas, Sebastian S.A., Mattt Thompson)

    • Add tests for AFNetworkActivityIndicatorManager (Dave Weston, Mattt Thompson)

    • Add tests for AFURLSessionManager task progress (Ullrich Schäfer)

    • Add attemptsToRecreateUploadTasksForBackgroundSessions property, which attempts Apple's recommendation of retrying a failed upload task if initial creation did not succeed (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add completionQueue and completionGroup properties to AFHTTPRequestOperationManager (Robert Ryan)

    • Change deprecating AFErrorDomain in favor of AFRequestSerializerErrorDomain & AFResponseSerializerErrorDomain (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change serialization tests to be split over two different files (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to make NSURLSession subspec not depend on NSURLConnection subspec (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to make Serialization subspec not depend on NSURLConnection subspec (Nolan Waite, Mattt Thompson)

    • Change completionHandler of application:handleEventsForBackgroundURLSession:completion: to be run on main thread (Padraig Kennedy)

    • Change UIImageView category to accept any object conforming to AFURLResponseSerialization, rather than just AFImageResponseSerializer (Romans Karpelcevs)

    • Fix calculation and behavior of NSProgress (Padraig Kennedy, Ullrich Schäfer)

    • Fix deprecation warning for backgroundSessionConfiguration: in iOS 8 / OS X 10.10 (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix implementation of copyWithZone: in serializer subclasses (Chris Streeter)

    • Fix issue in Xcode 6 caused by implicit synthesis of overridden NSStream properties (Clay Bridges, Johan Attali)

    • Fix KVO handling for NSURLSessionTask on iOS 8 / OS X 10.10 (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix KVO leak for NSURLSessionTask (@Zyphrax)

    • Fix potential crash caused by attempting to use non-existent error of failing requests due to URLs exceeding a certain length (Boris Bügling)

    • Fix to check existence of uploadProgress block inside a referencing dispatch_async to avoid potential race condition (Kyungkoo Kang)

    • Fix UIImageView category race conditions (Sunny)

    • Remove unnecessary default operation response serializer setters (Mattt Thompson)

  • v2.2.4 Changes

    May 13, 2014
    • Add NSSecureCoding support to all AFNetworking classes (Kyle Fuller, Mattt Thompson)

    • Change behavior of request operation NSOutputStream property to only nil out if responseData is non-nil, meaning that no custom object was set (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix data tasks to not attempt to track progress, and rare related crash (Padraig Kennedy)

    • Fix issue with -downloadTaskDidFinishDownloading: not being called (Andrej Mihajlov)

    • Fix KVO leak on invalidated session tasks (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix missing import of `UIRefreshControl+AFNetworking" (@BB9z)

    • Fix potential compilation errors on Mac OS X, caused by import order of 🚦 <AssertionMacros.h>, which signaled an incorrect deprecation warning (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix race condition in UIImageView+AFNetworking when making several image requests in quick succession (Alexander Crettenand)

    • Update documentation for -downloadTaskWithRequest: to warn about blocks being disassociated on app termination and backgrounding (Robert Ryan)

  • v2.2.3 Changes

    April 18, 2014
    • Fix AFErrorOrUnderlyingErrorHasCodeInDomain function declaration for AFXMLDocumentResponseSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix error domain check in AFErrorOrUnderlyingErrorHasCodeInDomain (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix UIImageView category to only nil out request operation properties belonging to completed request (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix removesKeysWithNullValues to respect NSJSONReadingMutableContainers option (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change removesKeysWithNullValues property to recursively remove null values from dictionaries nested in arrays (@jldagon)

    • Change to not override Content-Type header field values set by HTTPRequestHeaders property (Aaron Brager, Mattt Thompson)

  • v2.2.2 Changes

    April 15, 2014
    • Add removesKeysWithNullValues property to AFJSONResponsSerializer to 🚚 automatically remove NSNull values in dictionaries serialized from JSON (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add unit test for checking content type (Diego Torres)

    • Add boundary property to AFHTTPBodyPart -copyWithZone:

    • Change to accept id parameter type in HTTP manager convenience methods (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to deprecate setAuthorizationHeaderFieldWithToken:, in favor of 👉 users specifying an Authorization header field value themselves (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to use long long type to prevent a difference in stream size caps on 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (Yung-Luen Lan, Cédric Luthi)

    • Fix calculation of Content-Length in taskDidSendBodyData (Christos Vasilakis)

    • Fix for comparison of image view request operations (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix for SSL certificate validation to check status codes at runtime (Dave Anderson)

    • Fix to add missing call to delegate in URLSession:downloadTask:didResumeAtOffset:expectedTotalBytes:

    • Fix to call taskDidComplete if delegate is missing (Jeff Ward)

    • Fix to implement respondsToSelector: for NSURLSession delegate methods to conditionally respond to conditionally respond to optional selectors if and only if a custom block has been set (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix to prevent illegal state values from being assigned for AFURLConnectionOperation (Kyle Fuller)

    • Fix to re-establish AFNetworkingURLSessionTaskDelegate objects after 🔧 restoring from a background configuration (Jeff Ward)

    • Fix to reduce memory footprint by nil-ing out request operation outputStream after closing, as well as image view request operation after setting image (Teun van Run, Mattt Thompson)

    • Remove unnecessary call in class constructor (Bernhard Loibl)

    • Remove unnecessary check for respondsToSelector: for UIScreen scale in User-Agent string (Samuel Goodwin)

    • Update certificate and API base URL (Cédric Luthi)

    • Update examples in README (@petard, @orta, Mattt Thompson)

    • Update Travis CI icon to use SVG format (Maximilian Tagher)

  • v2.2.1 Changes

    March 14, 2014
    • Fix -Wsign-conversion warning in AFURLConnectionOperation (Jesse Collis)

    • Fix -Wshorten-64-to-32 warning (Jesse Collis)

    • Remove unnecessary #imports in UIImageView & UIWebView categories (Jesse Collis)

    • Fix call to CFStringTransform() by checking return value before setting as User-Agent (Kevin Cassidy Jr)

    • Update AFJSONResponseSerializer adding @autorelease to relieve memory pressure (Mattt Thompson, Michal Pietras)

    • Update AFJSONRequestSerializer to accept id (Daren Desjardins)

    • Fix small documentation bug (@jkoepcke)

    • Fix behavior of SSL pinning. In case of validatesDomainName == YES, it now explicitly uses SecPolicyCreateSSL, which also validates the domain name. Otherwise, SecPolicyCreateBasicX509 is used. 📌 AFSSLPinningModeCertificate now uses SecTrustSetAnchorCertificates, which 👍 allows explicit specification of all trusted certificates. For 📌 AFSSLPinningModePublicKey, the number of trusted public keys determines if the server should be trusted. (Oliver Letterer, Eric Allam)

  • v2.2.0 Changes

    February 25, 2014
    • Add default initializer to make AFHTTPRequestOperationManager consistent with AFHTTPSessionManager (Marcelo Fabri)

    • Add documentation about UIWebView category and implementing UIWebViewDelegate (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add missing NSCoding and NSCopying implementations for AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add note about use of -startMonitoring in AFNetworkReachabilityManager (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add setter for needsNewBodyStream block (Carmen Cerino)

    • Add support for specifying a response serializer on a per-instance of AFURLSessionManagerTaskDelegate (Blake Watters)

    • Add AFHTTPRequestSerializer -requestWithMultipartFormRequest:writingStreamContentsToFile:completionHandler 🚚 : as a workaround for a bug in NSURLSession that removes the Content-Length header from streamed requests (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add NSURLRequest factory properties on AFHTTPRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

    • Add UIRefreshControl+AFNetworking (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change example project to enable certificate pinning (JP Simard)

    • Change to allow self-signed certificates (Frederic Jacobs)

    • Change to make reachabilityManager property readwrite (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to sort NSSet members during query string parameter serialization (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to use case sensitive compare when sorting keys in query string serialization (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change to use xcpretty instead of xctool for automated testing (Kyle Fuller, Marin Usalj, Carson McDonald)

    • Change to use @selector values as keys for associated objects (Mattt Thompson)

    • Change setImageWithURL:placeholder:, et al. to only set placeholder image if not nil (Alejandro Martinez)

    • Fix auto property synthesis warnings (Oliver Letterer)

    • Fix domain name validation for SSL certificates (Oliver Letterer)

    • Fix issue with session task delegate KVO observation (Kyle Fuller)

    • Fix placement of baseURL method declaration (Oliver Letterer)

    • Fix podspec linting error (Ari Braginsky)

    • Fix potential concurrency issues by adding lock around setting isFinished state in AFURLConnectionOperation (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix potential vulnerability caused by hard-coded multipart form data boundary (Mathias Bynens, Tom Van Goethem, Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix protocol name in #pragma mark declaration (@sevntine)

    • Fix regression causing inflated images to have incorrect orientation (Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix to AFURLSessionManager NSCoding implementation, to accommodate NSURLSessionConfiguration no longer conforming to NSCoding.

    • Fix Travis CI integration (Kyle Fuller, Marin Usalj, Carson McDonald)

    • Fix various static analyzer warnings (Philippe Casgrain, Jim Young, Steven Fisher, Mattt Thompson)

    • Fix with download progress calculation of completion units (Kyle Fuller)

    • Fix Xcode 5.1 compiler warnings (Nick Banks)

    • Fix AFHTTPRequestOperationManager to default shouldUseCredentialStorage to YES, as documented (Mattt Thompson)

    • Remove Unused format property in AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

    • Remove unused acceptablePathExtensions class method in AFJSONRequestSerializer (Mattt Thompson)

    • Update #ifdef declarations in UIKit categories to be simpler (Mattt Thompson)

    • Update podspec to includ social_media_url (Kyle Fuller)

    • Update types for 64 bit architecture (Bruno Tortato Furtado, Mattt Thompson)