apollo-ios v0.49.1 Release Notes

    • ApolloSchemaDownloadConfiguration.HTTPHeader initializer was not public: The struct initializer that Swift automatically generates is marked with the internal access level, which meant that custom HTTP headers could not be added to an instance of ApolloSchemaDownloadConfiguration. #1962 - Thank you to Nikolai Sivertsen for the contribution!
    • 📚 Documentation update: Fixed an inline code block that had specified language where such specification is not supported. #1954 - Thank you to Kim Røen for the contribution!
    • 🛠 Fix - ApolloCodegenOptions could not find schema input file: - If you created ApolloSchemaDownloadConfiguration and ApolloCodegenOptions objects using only output folders the default output filename for the schema download was different from the default schema input filename for codegen. #1968 - Thank you to Arnaud Coomans for finding this issue!