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Latest version: v4.11.1

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AudioKit V5.0 Beta / Developer's Release

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AudioKit is an audio synthesis, processing, and analysis platform for iOS, macOS (including Catalyst), and tvOS.

Important notes for AudioKit Version 4 Users

If you are using AudioKit in production, you may want to stick to our latest stable release of Version 4 because there are a number of things were are still working out. But, since Version 5 is well on its way, we don't think new users should use Version 4 anymore. When AudioKit 5 is ready, we will make a 5.0 release, but even then a Version 4 branch will be maintained because of its large user base, and also because there are things in AudioKit 4 that are not yet available in version 5.

Most importantly, you must read the [Migration Guide](docs/MigrationGuide.md). You will also want to check the progress of the AudioKit 5 Release Push Project.

Installation via Swift Package Manager

To add AudioKit to your Xcode project, select File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Depedancy. Enter https://github.com/AudioKit/AudioKit for the URL. Check the use branch option and enter v5-main or v5-develop.

Installing AudioKit via Cocoapods was supported through AudioKit 4, and will be reintroduced when AudioKit 5 is officially released.


In addition to the [Migration Guide](docs/MigrationGuide.md), our documentation is now automatically generated on the Github wiki.


The AudioKit Cookbook contains many recipes for simple uses for AudioKit components. More examples are [here](docs/Examples.md).

Getting help

  1. Post your problem to StackOverflow with the #AudioKit hashtag.

  2. Once you are sure the problem is not in your implementation, but in AudioKit itself, you can open a Github Issue.

  3. If you, your team or your company is using AudioKit, please consider sponsoring Aure on Github Sponsors.

Contributing Code

When you want to modify AudioKit, check out the v5-develop branch (as opposed to v5-main), make your changes, and send us a pull request.

About Us

AudioKit was created by Aurelius Prochazka who is your life line if you need help!
Matthew Fecher, Jeff Cooper, and Aure create AudioKitPro apps together, and Stephane Peter is Aure's co-admin and manages AudioKit's releases. Taylor Holliday has been instrumental in AudioKit 5 improvements.

But, there are many other important people in our family:

Group Description
Core Team The biggest contributors to AudioKit!
Slack Pro-level developer chat group, contact a core team member for an in invitation.
Contributors A list of all people who have submitted code to AudioKit.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the AudioKit README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.