67 Hardware libraries and projects

  • BabyBluetooth

    9.5 0.0 Objective-C
    The easiest way to use Bluetooth (BLE) in iOS/MacOS.
  • ImagePicker

    9.4 3.9 L5 Swift
    Reinventing the way ImagePicker works.
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  • YPImagePicker

    9.2 6.7 Swift
    Instagram-like image picker & filters for iOS
  • SCRecorder

    9.1 0.0 L5 Objective-C
    Camera engine with Vine-like tap to record, animatable filters, slow motion, segments editing.
  • SwiftLocation

    8.9 7.4 L4 Swift
    CoreLocation Made Easy, 100% Swift
  • LocationManager

    8.8 0.0 L2 Objective-C
    Provides a block-based asynchronous API to request the current location, either once or continuously.
  • Fusuma

    8.7 0.0 L3 Swift
    Instagram-like photo browser and a camera feature with a few line of code in Swift.
  • ALCameraViewController

    8.6 0.0 L4 Swift
    A camera view controller with custom image picker and image cropping. Written in Swift.
  • PBJVision

    8.5 1.3 L3 Objective-C
    iOS camera engine, features touch-to-record video, slow motion video, and photo capture.
  • SwiftyCam

    8.4 0.0 L3 Swift
    A Snapchat Inspired iOS Camera Framework written in Swift.
  • BluetoothKit

    8.4 0.0 L3 Swift
    Easily communicate between iOS/OSX devices using BLE.
  • FastttCamera

    8.3 0.0 L1 Objective-C
    Fasttt and easy camera framework for iOS with customizable filters
  • NextLevel

    8.3 4.3 L3 Swift
    Next Level is a media capture camera library for iOS.
  • BarcodeScanner

    8.2 4.0 L5 Swift
    ๐Ÿ”Ž Simple and beautiful barcode scanner.
  • TGCameraViewController

    8.0 0.0 L4 Objective-C
    Custom camera with AVFoundation. Beautiful, light and easy to integrate with iOS projects.
  • SDVersion

    7.9 0.0 Objective-C
    ๐Ÿ“ฑ Lightweight Cocoa library for detecting the running device's model and screen size.
  • LLSimpleCamera

    7.8 0.0 L2 Objective-C
    A simple, customizable camera control
  • Cool-iOS-Camera

    7.8 0.0 L4 Objective-C
    A fully customisable and modern camera implementation for iOS made with AVFoundation.
  • CameraManager

    7.8 2.7 L2 Swift
    Simple Swift class to provide all the configurations you need to create custom camera view in your app.
  • SOMotionDetector

    7.5 0.0 L3 Objective-C
    Simple library to detect motion. Based on location updates and acceleration.
  • MotionKit

    7.4 0.0 L5 Swift
    Get the data from Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer in only Two or a few lines of code. CoreMotion now made insanely simple.
  • BeaconEmitter

    7.1 0.0 L5 Objective-C
    Turn your Mac as an iBeacon.
  • RSBarcodes_Swift

    7.0 2.7 L3 Swift
    1D and 2D barcodes reader and generators for iOS 8 with delightful controls. Now Swift.
  • iOS-Depth-Sampler

    7.0 0.5 Swift
    A collection of code examples for Depth APIs.
  • Bluejay

    6.9 2.0 Swift
    A simple Swift framework for building reliable Bluetooth LE apps.
  • PeerKit

    6.8 0.0 L5 Swift
    An open-source Swift framework for building event-driven, zero-config Multipeer Connectivity apps.
  • Lumina

    6.7 0.0 Swift
    Full service camera that takes photos, videos, streams frames, detects metadata, and streams CoreML predictions :largeorangediamond:
  • BlueCap

    6.6 0.0 L3 Swift
    iOS Bluetooth LE framework
  • CameraEngine

    6.2 0.0 L4 Swift
    ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ“ท Camera engine for iOS, written in Swift, above AVFoundation. ๐Ÿ’
  • CameraKit-iOS

    5.9 0.0 Swift
    Massively increase camera performance and ease of use in your next iOS project.
  • NFCPassportReader

    5.8 4.1 Swift
    Swift library to read an NFC enabled passport. Supports BAC, Secure Messaging, and both active and passive authentication. Requires iOS 13 or above.
  • Vicinity

    5.7 0.0 L4 Objective-C
    Vicinity replicates iBeacons (by analyzing RSSI) and supports broadcasting and detecting low-energy bluetooth devices in the background.
  • FDTake

    5.3 1.4 Swift
    Easily take a photo or video or choose from library.
  • Bleu

    5.3 0.0 Swift
    BLE (Bluetooth LE) for U
  • OWUProximityManager

    5.2 0.0 L5 Objective-C
    iBeacons + CoreBluetooth.
  • Discovery

    5.2 0.0 L5 Objective-C
    A very simple library to discover and retrieve data from nearby devices (even if the peer app works at background).
  • LocationPicker

    5.2 0.0 L4 Swift
    A ready for use and fully customizable location picker for your app
  • Haptico

    5.0 1.5 Swift
    Easy to use haptic feedback generator with pattern-play support.
  • DarkLightning

    4.6 0.0 L5 Swift
    -Simply the fastest way to transmit data between iOS and OSX
  • Device.swift

    4.4 0.7 Swift
    Super-lightweight library to detect used device.
  • LGBluetooth

    3.9 0.0 L4 Objective-C
    Simple, block-based, lightweight library over CoreBluetooth. Will clean up your Core Bluetooth related code.
  • QuickActions

    3.7 2.0 L5 Swift
    Swift wrapper for iOS Home Screen Quick Actions (App Icon Shortcuts)
  • Bluetonium

    3.5 0.0 L4 Swift
    Bluetooth mapping in Swift
  • HorizonSDK-iOS

    3.3 0.0 L5 HTML
    State of the art real-time video recording / photo shooting iOS library.
  • JMCBeaconManager

    3.2 0.0 L4 Swift
    An iBeacon Manager class that is responsible for detecting beacons nearby.
  • HybridCamera

    3.2 1.4 Swift
    Video and photo camera for iOS, similar to the SnapChat camera.
  • simple-share

    3.1 0.0 L4 Objective-C
    Easy Proximity-based Bluetooth LE Sharing for iOS.
  • PeekView

    3.0 0.0 Swift
    PeekView supports peek, pop and preview actions for iOS devices without 3D Touch capibility.
  • BerkananSDK

    3.0 0.4 Swift
    Mesh messaging SDK with the goal to create a decentralized mesh network for the people, powered by their device's Bluetooth antenna.
  • DKCamera

    2.8 1.0 L4 Swift
    A lightweight & simple camera framework for iOS. Written in Swift.
  • JustPeek

    2.7 0.0 Shell
    JustPeek is an iOS Library that adds support for Force Touch-like Peek and Pop interactions on devices that do not natively support this kind of interaction.
  • IngeoSDK

    2.6 0.0 Objective-C
    Always-On Location monitoring framework for iOS.
  • CocoaMultipeer

    2.6 0.0 L4 Swift
    This repository is a peer to peer framework for OS X, iOS and watchOS 2 that presents a similar interface to the MultipeerConnectivity framework (which is iOS only) that lets you connect any 2 devices from any platform.
  • ExtendaBLE

    2.1 0.0 Swift
    Simple Blocks-Based BLE Client for iOS/tvOS/watchOS/OSX/Android. Quickly configuration for centrals/peripherals, perform packet based read/write operations, and callbacks for characteristic updates.
  • JVTImageFilePicker

    2.1 0.0 L2 Objective-C
    Easy and beautiful way for a user to pick content, files or images. Written in Objective C.
  • AZPeerToPeerConnection

    1.9 0.0 Swift
    AZPeerToPeerConnectivity is a wrapper on top of Apple iOS Multipeer Connectivity framework. It provides an easier way to create and manage sessions. Easy to integrate.
  • PeerConnectivity

    1.7 0.0 Swift
    Functional wrapper for Apple's MultipeerConnectivity framework.
  • NominatimKit

    1.7 1.1 Swift
    A Swift wrapper for (reverse) geocoding of OpenStreetMap data.
  • Apple Family

    1.7 0.0 L4 Swift
    Quickly connect Apple devices together with bluetooth or wifi.
  • CameraBackground

    1.5 0.3 Swift
    Show camera layer as a background to any UIView.
  • Deviice

    1.4 0.0 Swift
    Simply library to detect the device on which the app is running (and some properties)
  • TakeASelfie

    1.4 4.3 Swift
    An iOS framework that uses the front camera, detects your face and takes a selfie.
  • RAImagePicker

    0.9 0.0 Swift
    RAImagePicker is a protocol-oriented framework that provides custom features from the built-in Image Picker Edit.
  • MockImagePicker

    0.7 0.3 Swift
    Mock UIImagePickerController for testing camera based UI in simulator.
  • Proxitee

    0.7 0.0 Objective-C
    Allows developers to create proximity aware applications utilizing iBeacons & geo fences.
  • NFCNDEFParse

    0.5 0.0 Swift
    NFC Forum Well Known Type Data Parser for iOS11 and Core NFC.
  • LocationKit

    0.4 0.0 Objective-C
    Advanced location SDK

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