Couchbase Mobile v2.7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-20 // about 1 month ago
  • Known issues

    • CBL-216 Ordering null values inconsistent with N1QL expectations
    • CBL-95 Pending conflicts could be resolved by a wrong replicator
    • CBL-49 Need a way to distinguish boolean types

    πŸ›  Fixed at this Release

    • βœ… CBL-562 Can’t open existing db read-only; LiteCore test "Database Open Older Encrypted" fails
    • CBL-556 Reachability undermines offline reconnect logic
    • CBL-550 SQLite index creation mistakenly sets user_version backwards
    • CBL-536 Long delay starting replicator, for big databases
    • CBL-527 RefCount crash
    • ⬆️ CBL-525 Upgrade from 1.x fails if any docID starts with "_"
    • CBL-503 Jenkins PR validation uses master branch
    • 🌲 CBL-463 Attempt to log strings that are not Modified UTF-8
    • CBL-444 Purging documents does not fire events in a QueryChangeListener
    • πŸ—„ CBL-437 Deprecated Database.setLogLevel is not logging
    • CBL-415 strod produces locale-dependent results for encoding Fleece
    • πŸš€ CBL-402 Back-tag recent releases
    • CBL-400 Not getting right number of revisions on SGW while using multiple SGWS
    • CBL-369 FTS and database alias
    • CBL-355 Queries silently ignore Collation Locale
    • βœ… CBL-343 LiteCore tests need to use unique database
    • CBL-324 Function.upper() failed to operate non-ASCII characters
    • CBL-242 Inconsistent revision hash length
    • πŸ”’ CBL-221 "mutex lock failed" during initial pull replication of large # of docs
    • CBL-218 FTS indexing an array-valued property is unreliable
    • ⏱ CBL-207 Replicator change event has idle with timeout error
    • CBL-175 Can’t query the records has the % character with LIKE operator.
    • CBL-171 CBL replication never finishes for replication filtering when doc count is 1000
    • CBL-126 Litecore does not retry subChanges request that fails with temporary 503 error
    • πŸ‘» CBL-106 Replicator C++ exception: "properties excessively large"
    • CBL-52 β€œLIKE”, "CONTAINS", "REGEX_LIKE" operators ignore collations

Previous changes from v2.6.3

  • πŸ›  Fixed in this Release

    • CBL-547 CBLWebSocket crashing in older iPhone versions
    • CBL-468 Null dereference during pull-only replication
    • πŸ‘ CBL-531 Support Xcode 11.2 with Swift 5.1.2 compiler