DeviceKit v4.7.0 Release Notes

  • 🚀 Releasedate: 2022-09-13

    pod 'DeviceKit', '~> 4.7'

    🆕 New September 2022 devices

    👍 This version adds support for the devices announced at the September 2022 Apple Event: (#324)

    Device Case value
    iPhone 14 Device.iPhone14
    iPhone 14 Plus Device.iPhone14Plus
    iPhone 14 Pro Device.iPhone14Pro
    iPhone 14 Pro Max Device.iPhone14ProMax
    Apple Watch Series 7 (Missing from DeviceKit, from last year) Device.appleWatchSeries7_41mm, Device.appleWatchSeries7_45mm
    Apple Watch Series 8 Device.appleWatchSeries8_41mm, Device.appleWatchSeries8_45mm
    Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) Device.appleWatchSE2_40mm, Device.appleWatchSE2_44mm
    Apple Watch Ultra Device.appleWatchUltra