DFImageManager v1.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-09-27 // over 6 years ago
  • Overview

    🚀 DFImageManager 1.0.0 is the first major release. It makes DFImageManager more robust and future proof.

    The main difference is the absence of conditional compilation that relied on __has_include macros. Conditional compilation now only takes place when default image manager is created and doesn't rely on __ has_include. In practice from the user point of view everything should work the same way it did before.

    🗄 DFImageManager is also getting deprecated in favor of Nuke.

    🔄 Changes


    • Now requires iOS 8.0+
    • Remove conditional compilation that relied on __has_include macros
    • DFImageView can no longer be used for GIF playback, use DFAnimatedImageView instead
    • ➕ Add DFCompositeImageDecoder
    • ➕ Add DFWebPImageDecoder
    • ➕ Add DFAnimatedImageView, DFAnimatedImageDecoder, DFAnimatedImageProcessor
    • ✂ Remove +[DFImageManager sharedDecoder] dependency injector, there is now a single entry point to configure image manager and that is DFImageManagerConfiguration
    • ✂ Remove -[DFURLImageFetcher initWithSession:sessionDelegate:] method and DFURLImageFetcherSessionDelegate protocol, this feature was too hardcode for basic built-in networking
    • 🚚 DFImageManager/NSURLSession subspec is removed, sources made part of DFImageManager/Core subspec
    • ➕ Add limited Carthage support


    • #12 Lightweight generics thanks to @adly-holler
    • DFImageManagerConfiguration no longer forces you to initialize it with image fetcher instance
    • ➕ Add convenience class methods to DFImageManager that forward calls to sharedManager
    • -[DFImageProcessing shouldProcessImage:forRequest:partial:] method is now optional
    • [DFImageTask resume] method now returns image task
    • 🛠 Fix -[NSCache df_recommendedTotalCostLimit] for watchOS
    • ✂ Remove +[DFImageManager addSharedManager:] method
    • ✂ Remove +[DFImageManager defaultManager] method
    • DFImageManager/PhotosKit subspec is now optional