EFQRCode v6.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2021-04-08 // about 3 years ago
  • ➕ Add

    • 👌 Supports chaining EFQRCodeGenerator configuration methods.
    • EFQRCodeGenerator properties are now public.
    • 🆓 EFQRCodeGenerator.clearCache can be used to free up memories used for caching results.
    • 📚 English documentation is now available through Xcode quick help.
    • Swift: EFWatermarkMode.rectForWatermark(ofSize:inCanvasOfSize:) can be used to calculate the frame for watermark image in a canvas.
    • ✅ Objective-C: New tests to ensure APIs are available in Objective-C.

    🔄 Change

    • 🔧 Renamed EFQRCodeGenerator configuration methods to be more consistent.
      • Renamed EFQRCode and reordered convenience generate function arguments to be consistent with generator methods.
    • 🐎 EFQRCodeGenerator now caches more generated contents to improve performance.
    • EFQRCodeRecognizer expects non-nil image and returns non-nil array of results. The returned array may still be empty.
    • EFIntSize is now an immutable, final class.
    • 📇 Renamed CGColor extensions white and black to omit first argument label.
    • 🔧 Objective-C: EFQRCodeGenerator and EFQRCodeRecognizer is now fully available to configure/use in Objective-C.

    🗄 Deprecate

    • 🗄 EFQRCodeMode.none is now deprecated. Use nil and EFQRCodeMode? instead.

    ✂ Remove

    • EFUIntPixel is no longer a part of the public interface.
    • GIF generation no longer takes pathToSave parameter.
    • Objective-C: EFQRCode is no longer available in Objective-C. Use EFQRCodeGenerator and EFQRCodeRecognizer instead.