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  • v2.131.0

    September 12, 2019
    • [cert/resign] Fix simple typo: provisiong -> provisioning (#15293) via Tim Gates
    • πŸ”Œ [Fastlane.swift] fix support for rendering single line description of plugin actions on docs (#15266) via Daniel Jankowski
    • [action] app_store_build_number: Changed the sort value for when returning the list of builds from the Connect API for TestFlight builds (#14872) via Vladimir Zdravkovic
    • [gym] provide bcsymbolmap path to dsymutil for each architecture (#15243) via Lev Sokolov
    • [match] add option to skip provisioning profiles (#15223) via Addison Brickey
    • [action] is_ci also looks at GITHUB_ACTIONS (#15232) via Koen Punt
    • [action] gradle: Add support for GRADLE_OUTPUT_JSON_OUTPUT_PATH and GRADLE_ALL_OUTPUT_JSON_OUTPUT_PATHS (#15238) via IKEDA Sho
    • [Fastlane.swift] remove puts in swift_fastlane_api_generator.rb (#15263) via Josh Holtz
    • [Fastlane.swift] Ignore files that don't contain FastlaneRunnerAPIVersion (#15262) via Jean Mainguy
    • [match/crashlytics] fix unknown method error (#15256) via Piet Brauer
    • [Fastlane.swift] add missing FastlaneRunnerAPIVersion comment (#15258) via Jean Mainguy
    • [action] download_dsyms - do not attempt to download Dsyms if the dsym_url is missing. (#15260) via George Tsifrikas
    • [action] download_dsyms - replace error with message when no dSYM found (#15259) via Jean Mainguy
  • v2.130.0

    August 30, 2019
    • πŸ”Œ [Fastlane.swift] generate Swift API for third party plugins and local actions (#15203) via Josh Holtz
    • ⚑️ [action] register_devices: Update file format (#15176) via MatΔ›j KaΕ‘par JirΓ‘sek
    • πŸ‘ [spaceship] adding support for DEP_ID (#14852) via heartofagoof
    • πŸ‘· [action] is_ci - added support for Github Actions CI (#15227) via Rishabh Tayal
    • [gym] remove is_string option on skip_codesigning (#15225) via Josh Holtz
    • πŸ‘ [sigh] allow download_all to support the platform option (#15175) via nanci
    • [gym] add skip codesign option to build_ios_app (#15189) via Cameron Lowell Palmer
    • πŸ”Œ [action] plugin_scores: Add support for rendering multiline description of plugin actions on docs (#15212) via Daniel Jankowski
    • [download_dsyms] ix wait for dSYM file to appear on App Store Connect (#15049) via Jean Mainguy
    • πŸ‘ [action] slather: Add :binary_file support for handling multiple input files (#15220) via Rob Nadin
    • 🚚 [action] danger: Support for remove-previous-comments option (#15206) via Eric Jensen
    • [spaceship] changed body['resultString'] to body['userString'] as only userString contains the phrase 'Program License Agreement' whose inclusivity we are checking (#15193) via Ali Fawad
    • ⚑️ [snapshot] added --force option to fastlane snapshot update (#15187) via Josh Landry
    • ⚑️ [action] only add derived data parameter if it's set, and command is update, build… (#15166) via Jesper Westervig Nielsen
    • [core] chomp, not strip output in CommandExecutor (#15132) via Artem Sheremet
    • πŸ‘· [CI] Run tests with Xcode 11 (and ruby 2.5) on Circle CI (#15142) via Jan Piotrowski
  • v2.129.0

    August 13, 2019
    • [spaceship/cert] add Apple Development and Apple Distribution certificate type (#15130) via Yoshimasa Niwa
    • [action] add SonarQube pull request parameters to sonar (#15069) via Damien R
    • [spaceship] add option to upload and view merch_screenshot (#15080) via Max Ott
    • [action] add environment variables for pod push (#15127) via bouldering-machine
    • πŸ”– [action] fix for Xcode 11 when using $(MARKETING_VERSION) in get_version_number (#15139) via Florent Morin
    • βœ… [spaceship] add invited state for TestFlight beta testers. (#15126) via Hugo Sousa
    • [gym/scan] fix suppress_xcode_output parameter type (#15152) via Jean Mainguy
    • [Fastlane.swift] options of is_string: false should be Any and not String (#15165) via Josh Holtz
    • [match] fix match not making new profiles for force_for_new_devices (#15164) via Josh Holtz
    • πŸ’… [snapshot] replace Objective-C-style NSMakeRange with Swift-style NSRange.init (#15128) via Roman Podymov
    • πŸ— [spaceship] map additional build details (#15094) via Max Ott
    • ⚑️ [action] update_fastlane: Fix broken link (#15086) via Stefan Painhapp
    • ⚑️ [fastlane] allow Crashlytics devtools.jar to be auto updated (#15095) via Jeremy Durham
  • v2.128.1

    July 23, 2019
    • [match] fix for match username not found if readonly (#15073) via Josh Holtz
  • v2.128.0

    July 22, 2019
    • [match] import certs and p12 files into match repo (#15023) via Josh Holtz
    • [spaceship] fix Spaceship::Portal.provisioning_profile.all not reporting expired profiles (#14904) via Radek Pietruszewski
    • ⚠ [snapshot] fix warning about unused variable in SnapshotHelper.swift (#15045) via Morten Bjerg Gregersen
    • πŸ— [actions] fix variable usage in increment_build_number call (#15032) via Ram Nadella
    • [spaceship] fix typo in ready_for_beta_submission? error mes… (#15054) via Steven Sherry
  • v2.127.2

    July 19, 2019
    • ⚑️ [fastlane] update mini_magick (#15042) via Daniel
  • v2.127.1

    July 11, 2019
    • πŸ— [fastlane] fix FastlaneCore::BuildWatchr with erroring on multiple builds (#15014) via Josh Holtz
    • ⚠ [actions] fix SharedValues warnings (#15013) via Daniel Jankowski
  • v2.127.0

    July 10, 2019
    • [spaceship] relax SPACESHIP_2FA_SMS_DEFAULT_PHONE_NUMBER matching regex (#14990) via Jan Piotrowski
    • πŸ‘• [action] add support for analyzer mode in SwiftLint (#14836) via Marcelo Fabri
    • πŸ— [pilot] fix nil build metrics on pilot builds (#14858) via Josh Holtz
    • βœ… [spaceship] fix crash deleting testers (#14991) via snit-tile
    • βœ… [pilot] fix testflight distribution for multiplatform app bundles (ios/tvos) (#14827) via Aman Gupta
    • [fastlane/action] allow sh helper to take keyword arguments/hash to match sh action options (#14945) via Josh Holtz
    • πŸ‘― [snapshot] fix "Clone of" regex (#14982) via Jean Mainguy
    • [pilot] add verification to apple_id parameter (#14938) via Daniel Jankowski
    • [snapshot] take screenshot of entire device screen instead of just the app window (#14841) via GP89
    • πŸ‘ [fastlane_core] added deliver/pilot support for Xcode 11 - new search path for itms_path (#14962) via Josh Holtz
    • [snapshot] fix grouping for iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd gen) in sc… (#14847) via Claes Jacobsson