ImageViewer v3.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-09-21 // almost 6 years ago
  • ImageViewer 3.0 is our biggest release yet both in terms of codebase and feature evolution. We tackled the inevitable step - video playback. Video content is deliberately treated exactly the same way as images incl. pinch to zoom, doubleTap or swipe-to-dismiss.

    We have completely redesigned the way content is displaced™ :) from the parent canvas to ImageViewer. Images and videos now seamlessly morph from aspectFill and other aspect-ratio-breaking modes to aspectFit FullScreen. A new built-in Thumbnails screen allows you to handle large sets of images and videos.

    🔧 The number of configuration options has almost tripled. You can tweak every aspect of the complex displacement animation composition including speed & timing. Images with transparency are now equally supported. Main background layer allows for semitransparent color and blur.

    • 👍 Video support: Show videos in the gallery. Both locally stored file and streaming is supported via video URL.
    • Thumbnails screen: Modal screen to select any image or video immediately.
    • Composited background: Background is now composed from two layers - the blur and the color layer. Blur intensity, color and the level of transparency for both layers is handled separately.
    • Block-based image fetching: Now it's completely up to you to handle fetching the way you want... just pass a block that does it.
    • Rotation mode: Option to rotate now can be set to be app based or always.
    • Spring bouncing: Displacement can optionally include a spring bounce effect same as in the iOS Photos app.
    • 👍 Panorama support: Very wide panorama images will still be scaled to aspectFill after double tap to zoom, even if the resize would result in a scale that exceeds maximumZoomScale.

    Config options

    • Displacement animation: Multiple options to customize the duration and positioning of the displacement animation.
    • Background: Customize the background colour, blur and transparency.
    • Gesture timing: You can now set the duration in seconds for double tap to zoom gesture, decoration views hide/show animation, rotation.
    • Custom buttons: Thumbnails and Close buttons can now be customised.
    • Maximum zoom scale: Set the maximum zoom scale for any image or video.