Insanity v0.17.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-03 // 2 months ago
  • Internal Changes

    • Parallelized combining phase that yields 5-10x speed improvement for New York Times codebase
    • Switched cache logic to rely on file modification date instead of content Sha256
    • ➕ Additional benchmark logs showing how long does each phase take
    • ⚡️ update dependencies to fix cocoapods setup when using Swift 5.0 everywhere. Update Quick to 2.1.0, SourceKitten to 0.23.1 and Yams to 2.0.0

Previous changes from v0.16.2

  • 🆕 New Features

    • 👌 Support automatic linking of files generated by annotations to project target

    🐛 Bug fixes

    • 🛠 Fixes always broken sourcery cache
    • ➕ Add missing SourceryFramework library product in Package.swift