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JDFlipNumberView & JDFlipImageView (SwiftUI ready)

Target Value Animation Animated Time Display
Target Animation Time Display

The FlipNumberView is simulating an analog flip display (e.g. like those at the airport / train station). It's well abstracted and easy to use. The FlipImageView let's you run a similar animation on any view, e.g. images. See the example project for working examples (You can run pod try JDFlipNumberView to open the example project quickly.). Please open a Github issue, if you think anything is missing or wrong.


Installation using CocoaPods

  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView' all flip views, SwiftUI views & default imageset

To further limit what you depend on, use the following subpods. They don't include the default image bundle, thus they are much more lightweight. See Customization below for infos, on how to use your own images.

  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/NoImageBundle', everything except the default image bundle
  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/NoImageBundle-NoSwiftUI', everything except the default image bundle & the SwiftUI views

Even more targeted:

  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/Core', only the JDFlipNumberView
  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/FlipImageView', only the JDFlipImageView
  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/FlipClockView', /Core + JDFlipClockView
  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/DateCountdownFlipView', /Core + JDDateCountdownFlipView
  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/DefaultImageBundle', the default image bundle, as it's not included automatically in the other subpods

(For infos on cocoapods, have a look the cocoapods website)

Manual Installation

  1. Add all files (or only the ones you want to) from JDFlipNumberView/JDFlipNumberView/*.{h,m} to your project
  2. Add the JDFlipNumberView.bundle, if you want to use the default images


The main classes are

  • JDFlipNumberView (SwiftUI: FlipNumberView)

    • The Standard FlipNumberView. It shows an integer value as FlipView. It has a choosable amount of digits. Can be animated in any way described in this document.
  • JDFlipImageView (SwiftUI: FlipImageView)

    • An Image View with flip animations. Use it like a regular UIImageView, but set new images animated via setImageAnimated:duration:completion:
  • JDDateCountdownFlipView (SwiftUI: DateCountdownFlipView)

    • A date countdown. Create it with a target date and it will display an animated flipping countdown showing the remaining days, hours, minutes and seconds until that date.
  • JDFlipClockView (SwiftUI: FlipClockView)

    • A digital clock. Displays the current hour and minutes as animated flip views. Seconds can also be enabled. Always shows the current time.
  • UIView+JDFlipImageView

    • A UIView category that makes it possible to transition between any two views using a flip animation.

Usage Example

After installing you only need to follow some simple steps to get started. Here is a working example: A 4-digit FlipNumberView animating down once every second.

Objective-C + UIKit:

// create a new FlipNumberView, set a value, start an animation
JDFlipNumberView *flipNumberView = [[JDFlipNumberView alloc] initWithInitialValue: 1337];
[flipNumberView animateDownWithTimeInterval: 1.0];

// add to view hierarchy and resize
[self.view addSubview: flipNumberView];
[flipNumberView sizeToFit];
flipNumberView.center = self.view.center;

In SwiftUI it's even simpler:

struct SwiftExample: View {
    @State var value = 1337

    var body: some View {
        FlipNumberView(value: $value, animationStyle: .interval(interval: 1.0, direction: .down))
          .frame(height: 80)

That's it. This will display a working, flipping, animating countdown view!
See the example project for other examples.

Available animations

  • Simple (a single flip):
- (void)setValue:(NSInteger)newValue animated:(BOOL)animated;
- (void)animateToNextNumber;
- (void)animateToPreviousNumber;
  • Continuous (Flipping through all numbers, until target is reached):
- (void)animateToValue:(NSInteger)newValue duration:(CGFloat)duration;
  • Interval (A timed animation without a target value, flipping once per timeInterval):
- (void)animateUpWithTimeInterval:(NSTimeInterval)timeInterval;
- (void)animateDownWithTimeInterval:(NSTimeInterval)timeInterval;

In SwiftUI, see these:

public enum FlipNumberViewAnimationStyle {
    case none
    case simple
    case continuous(duration: Double)
    case interval(interval: Double, direction: FlipNumberViewIntervalAnimationDirection)


A) Replace original images
Replace the images within the JDFlipNumberView.bundle. (In the Finder just Rightclick > Show Contents to see the images.)

When using Pods, make sure to use pod 'JDFlipNumberView/Core', so the default bundle won't be copied. Just create a bundle named JDFlipNumberView.bundle in your project yourself.

B) Use multiple bundles
Add another graphics bundle to your project. A bundle is nothing else, than a regular folder, but named with .bundle as extension. You need one image per digit. 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, etc. See the next section on how to use multiple bundles.

Implementing a custom bundle

To use your own bundles, use the imageBundle: initializers:

[[JDFlipNumberView alloc] initWithDigitCount:<#count#> 
                                 imageBundle:[JDFlipNumberViewImageBundle imageBundleNamed:@"<#imageBundleName#>"]];
[[JDDateCountdownFlipView alloc] initWithDayDigitCount:<#count#> 
                                           imageBundle:[JDFlipNumberViewImageBundle imageBundleNamed:@"<#imageBundleName#>"]];


FlipNumberView(value: <#valueBinding#>, imageBundle: JDFlipNumberViewImageBundle(named: "<#imageBundleName#>"))

Feel free to use the original .psd file from the gfx folder to create custom numbers.



I'm @calimarkus on Twitter. Maybe tweet, if you like JDFlipNumberView!



I found "FlipClock-SwiftUI" by @elpassion - a fully native SwiftUI flip-clock. It could be a good starting point for a native swift rewrite. I'm playing around with it in a fork a bit: FlipNumberView-Swift.