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JDFlipNumberView alternatives and similar libraries

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JDFlipNumberView & JDFlipImageView

The FlipNumberView is simulating an analog flip display (like those for the departure time on the airport). It's well abstracted and damn easy to use. Please open a Github issue, if you think anything is missing or wrong.

[Screenshots](gfx/screenshots.png "Screenshots")



  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView' including the default images
  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/Core' without default images (to use your own images)
  • pod 'JDFlipNumberView/FlipImageView', only the JDFlipImageView (for flipping images)

See Customization below for infos, on how to use your own images.

(For infos on cocoapods, have a look the cocoapods website)


  1. Add all files from JDFlipNumberView/JDFlipNumberView/*.{h,m} to your project
  2. Add the JDFlipNumberView.bundle, if you want to use the default images
  3. Link against the QuartzCore.framework


The main classes are

  • JDFlipNumberView
    The Standard FlipNumberView. It shows an integer value as FlipView. It has a choosable amount of digits. Can be animated in any way described in this document.

  • JDFlipImageView
    An Image View with flip animations. Use it like a regular UIImageView, but set new images animated via setImageAnimated:duration:completion:.

For specific usecases you may use on of these:

  • JDDateCountdownFlipView
    A date countdown. Just init with a target date and it will show the remaining days, hours, minutes and seconds until that date.

  • JDFlipClockView
    A digital clock. Displays the hour and minutes of the current time as flipViews. Seconds can also be enabled. Always shows the current time.

  • UIView+JDFlipImageView
    A UIView category that makes it possible to transition between any two views using a flip animation.


In any case, after installing, you only need to follow some simple steps to get started. Here is a full example usage:

Example: A 4 digit FlipNumberView animating down every second.

// create a new FlipNumberView, set a value, start an animation
JDFlipNumberView *flipNumberView = [[JDFlipNumberView alloc] initWithDigitCount:4];
flipNumberView.value = 1337;
[flipNumberView animateDownWithTimeInterval: 1.0];

// add to view hierarchy and resize
[self.view addSubview: flipNumberView];
flipNumberView.frame = CGRectMake(20,100,300,100);

That's it. This will display a working, flipping, animating countdown view!
See the example project for other examples.

Possible animations

Basic animations (Single Flip):

- (void)setValue:(NSInteger)newValue animated:(BOOL)animated;
- (void)animateToNextNumber;
- (void)animateToPreviousNumber;

Targeted animation over time (Flipping through all numbers, until target is reached):

- (void)animateToValue:(NSInteger)newValue duration:(CGFloat)duration;

Timed animation without target value (Flipping once per timeInterval):

- (void)animateUpWithTimeInterval:(NSTimeInterval)timeInterval;
- (void)animateDownWithTimeInterval:(NSTimeInterval)timeInterval;


You may use the original .psd file from the gfx folder to create custom numbers.

[Digit images](gfx/digits.png)

A) Replace original images
Replace the images within the JDFlipNumberView.bundle. (In the Finder just Rightclick > Show Contents to see the images.)

When using Pods, make sure to use pod 'JDFlipNumberView/Core', so the default bundle won't be copied. Just create a bundle named JDFlipNumberView.bundle in your project yourself.

B) Use multiple bundles
Add another graphics bundle to your project. A bundle is nothing else, than a regular folder, but named with .bundle as extension. You need one image per digit. 0.png, 1.png, 2.png, etc. See the next section on how to use multiple bundles.

Implementing a custom bundle

To use your own bundles, create the FlipViews like this:

[JDFlipNumberView initWithDigitCount:<#count#> 

or for a DateCountDown like this:

[JDDateCountdownFlipView initWithDayDigitCount:<#count#>


I'm @calimarkus on Twitter. Feel free to post a tweet, if you like the FlipNumberView.

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