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  • ZFPlayer

    9.7 3.5 L3 Objective-C
    Support customization of any player SDK and control layer(支持定制任何播放器SDK和控制层)
  • LFLiveKit

    9.5 0.0 L2 Objective-C
    LaiFeng IOS Live Kit,H264 and AAC Hard coding,support GPUImage Beauty, rtmp transmission,weak network lost frame,Dynamic switching rate
  • MobilePlayer

    9.0 0.0 L4 Swift
    :iphone: :movie_camera: A powerful and completely customizable media player for iOS
  • MHVideoPhotoGallery

    8.5 0.0 L1 Objective-C
    A Photo and Video Gallery
  • Player

    8.5 1.6 L4 Swift
    ▶️ video player in Swift, simple way to play and stream media on iOS/tvOS
  • BMPlayer

    8.4 0.0 L3 Swift
    A video player for iOS, based on AVPlayer, support the horizontal, vertical screen. support adjust volume, brightness and seek by slide, support subtitles.
  • Swift-YouTube-Player

    7.4 0.0 Swift
    Swift library for embedding and controlling YouTube videos in your iOS applications via WKWebView!
  • PryntTrimmerView

    6.8 0.8 Swift
    A set of tools to trim, crop and select frames inside a video
  • VersaPlayer

    6.5 0.0 Swift
    Versatile Video Player implementation for iOS, macOS, and tvOS
  • CTVideoPlayerView

    6.2 0.0 Objective-C
    A video player view for iOS based on AVFoundation, better than PBJVideoPlayer, which can let you to play multiple video at the same time, and provide download, customized operation buttons, customized cover of video
  • YoutubeKit

    6.0 0.0 Swift
    YoutubeKit is a video player that fully supports Youtube IFrame API and YoutubeDataAPI for easily create a Youtube app
  • Periscope VideoViewController

    5.4 0.0 L4 Swift
    Video view controller with Periscope fast rewind control
  • VGPlayer

    5.3 0.0 Swift
    A simple iOS video player in Swift,Support play local and network,Background playback mode.
  • VIMVideoPlayer

    5.1 0.0 L1 Objective-C
    Deprecated: Please use [PlayerKit]( instead.
  • ios-360-videos

    4.9 0.0 L5 Objective-C
    NYT360Video plays 360-degree video streamed from an AVPlayer on iOS.
  • SSVideoPlayer

    4.1 0.0 L4 Objective-C
    A video player that support both local and network resource.
  • AVPlayerViewController-Subtitles

    4.1 5.2 L4 Swift
    Easy way to show SRT files on AVPlayerViewController
  • AVAnimator

    3.8 0.0 L1 Objective-C
    AVAnimator is an iOS library that makes it easy to implement non-trivial animated/video content in iOS
  • MPMoviePlayerController-Subtitles

    3.7 0.0 L5 Swift
    Easy way to show SRT files on MPMoviePlayerController
  • PlayerView

    3.5 0.0 L4 Swift
    Player View is a delegated view using AVPlayer of Swift
  • swift-360-videos

    2.9 0.0 L5 Swift
    360 video player for iOS written in swift - a subset of SceneKit that works
  • ABMediaView

    2.2 0.0 L1 Objective-C
    Media view which subclasses UIImageView, and can display & load images, videos, GIFs, and audio and from the web, and has functionality to minimize from fullscreen, as well as show GIF previews for videos.
  • VideoPager

    1.7 0.0 L5 Swift
    Paging Video UI, and some control components is available.
  • InStatPlayer

    1.2 7.5 Swift
    AVPlayer, Player
  • JDVideoKit

    1.2 0.0 Swift
    You can easily transfer your video into Three common video type via this framework.