Logkit v1.1.0 Release Notes

  • 🚀 This release facilitates compatibility with LogKit 2.

    ⚡️ Updated

    • Most classes have been renamed to match their LogKit 2 counterparts. Compatibility aliases have been added so that applications already using LogKit 1.0.x will continue to work properly with 1.1.
      • LXLogEndpoint is now LXEndpoint
      • LXLogConsoleEndpoint is now LXConsoleEndpoint
      • LXLogSerialConsoleEndpoint is now LXSerialConsoleEndpoint
      • LXLogFileEndpoint is now LXFileEndpoint
      • LXLogDatedFileEndpoint is now LXDatedFileEndpoint
      • LXLogHTTPEndpoint is now LXHTTPEndpoint
      • LXLogHTTPJSONEndpoint is now LXHTTPJSONEndpoint
      • LXLogLevel is now LXPriorityLevel
      • LXLogEntryFormatter is now LXEntryFormatter
    • 🌲 The log entry properties logLevel has been renamed to level
      • logLevel remains available for compatibility, but will be removed in LogKit 2
    • The JSON Endpoint now uploads the level properties as level (instead of logLevel)
      • logLevel is also included for compatibility, but will be removed in LogKit 2