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  • v3.4.3 Changes

    March 26, 2019

    0️⃣ GDPR fix: Change the default behavior for setting optOutTrackingByDefault in the Mixpanel initialization method. We will not override opt out persistence with optOutTrackingByDefault the flag since opt-out default state is supposed to be used as an initial state while GDPR information is being collected

    [Event triggered in-app notifications] Fix bug in boolean comparisons

  • v3.4.2 Changes

    March 22, 2019

    πŸ†• New Features

    • 🚚 Set, add, and remove groups the user belongs to.
    • Track events with specific groups
    • πŸ‘Œ Support for group-level profilesβ€”set, update, and remove properties on account/group objects in Mixpanel
  • v3.4.1 Changes

    March 21, 2019

    πŸ‘ Event triggered in-app notifications support
    πŸš€ This feature was introduced in v3.4.0(check the release notes for more detail, this PR is a rewritten of #826 in Objective C to avoid the inconvenience of mixing swift content

    πŸ› Bug fix: no need to do additional archive in app crashed tracking

  • v3.4.0 Changes

    March 15, 2019
    • βž• Add the feature: Event triggered in-app notifications support #826

    πŸš€ Currently users have no control over when an in-app notification shows up. With this release users can now control when an in-app gets displayed based on an event that they track within their app. This "trigger" event is defined during message creation at

    You can additionally filter the event based on properties that are tracked along with the event for even finer controls.


    ⬆️ This version has embedded swift content. Please upgrade to v3.4.1 if you prefer using pure Objective C framework.

    πŸ— If you integrate Mixpanel manually or use Carthage for a pure Objective C project, please add a build setting to your own project target


  • v3.3.9 Changes

    January 25, 2019

    Avoid potential crash from archiving

    πŸ›  fix capitalization issue with macOS Target

  • v3.3.8 Changes

    January 12, 2019

    Pass flag to backend indicating when $distinct_id might have been set to a pre-existing $distinct_id value instead of a generated UUID (used when resolving aliases)