OneSignal v2.12.6 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-31 // 28 days ago
  • 🛠 Minor Bug Fixes

    • 🚚 Moved some init code before initDone check so it runs these things every time init is called
      • Wrapper SDKs call init twice, so when initDone was added it harmed some wrapper SDKs

Previous changes from v2.12.5

  • 🛠 Minor Bug Fixes

    🚦 Cold Start Subscription Fix #596

    - Needed better differentiation between TO and FROM states of OneSignalCommonDefines keys when saving and getting

    🚦 Wrapper(s) Second Init Not Pulling iOS Params Fix #593

    - iOS remote params couldn't be pulled and caused SDK to use the default values assigned

    🚦 SetLocationShared Changes #533

    • Now setLocationShared:false clears last location in the SDK

    - Extra VERBOSE logging added to track the state location checks for better insight

    🚦 Notification Action Buttons Not Displaying Fix #430

    - Forced a refresh on the internal list of list categories so that the action buttons will be added to the notification as well

    IAM Pause Check Change

    • IAMs accumulate in the queue, but prevent the SDK from showing any IAMs from the queue until in app messaging is enabled again