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Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
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Latest version: v3.1.2

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PGS Software


Swift 5.0 CocoaPods Compatible Carthage Compatible SPM Compatible Platform License


Easy to use UIView, UICollectionViewCell with parallax effect and extensions to add this effect to any UIView. Rotate view using Apple TV remote. Works confusingly similar to tiles in the home screen of the Apple TV.

ParallaxView ParallaxView


Open your storyboard or xib and drag and drop UIView control. Change custom class to ParallaxView in Identity inspector. You can also create control from code.


In Interface builder change collection view cell class to ParallaxCollectionViewCell or do it from code.

You can also create subclass of ParallaxCollectionViewCell insted of UICollectionViewCell and use it as normal collection view cell.


If ParallaxView and ParallaxCollectionViewCell don't fit to your needs you can use extension that can be used with any UIView. In many cases it can look like in this example:

override func didUpdateFocus(in context: UIFocusUpdateContext, with coordinator: UIFocusAnimationCoordinator) {
        if context.nextFocusedView === yourCustomView {
        if context.previouslyFocusedView === yourCustomView {
    }, completion: nil)

It is important to add and remove parallax effect inside the animation block to avoid the glitches. ParallaxView and ParallaxCollectionViewCell internally use the same methods. For more details look into example.


The component is documented in code, also look into example for more details.



ParallaxView and ParallaxCollectionViewCell have the same properties for customisation.

  • parallaxEffectOptions - using this property you can customize parallax effect.
    • parallaxMotionEffect - configure parallax effect (pan, angles, etc.)
    • subviewsParallaxMode - enum that allow you to configure parallax effect for subviews of the ParallaxView
    • shadowPanDeviation - maximal value of points that shadow of the ParallaxView will be moved during parallax effect
    • glowAlpha - configure alpha of the glow effect (if is equal to 0.0 then the glow effect will be not added)
    • parallaxSubviewsContainer - custom container view that will be usead to apply subviews parallax effect. By default it will be parallaxable view by itself.
    • glowContainerView - view that will be used as the container for the glow effect. You don't have to configure this because for ParallaxView it will be automatically created a subview for this purpose, while for ParallaxCollectionViewCell it will be used contentView of the cell. Also by default it is nil when you use extension (self will be used as the glow container but only if glowAlpha is bigger than 0.0). But if you want to, you can define custom view - look into example project for more details.
    • glowImageView - image view that will be used as the glow effect. ParallaxView framework provides default image that will be set.
  • glowPosition - (.top default) - allows to customize position of the glow effect related to the glowImageContainer. You can provide custom setup by creating GlowPosition instance.

  • parallaxViewActions - use properties of this property to change default behaviours of the parallax view. Internally both ParallaxView and ParallaxCollectionViewCell calls callbacks.

    • setupUnfocusedState - closure will be called in animation block when view should change its appearance to the focused state
    • setupFocusedState - closure will be called in animation block when view should change its appearance to the unfocused state
    • beforeBecomeFocusedAnimation - closure will be called before the animation to the focused change start
    • beforeResignFocusAnimation - closure will be called before the animation to the unfocused change start
    • becomeFocused - closure will be called when didFocusChange happened. In most cases default implementation should work
    • resignFocus - closure will be called when didFocusChange happened. In most cases default implementation should work.
    • animatePressIn - default implementation of the press begin animation
    • animatePressOut - default implementation of the press ended animation
  • cornerRadius - use this value insted of self.view.layer.cornerRadius. This will automatically correct radius for glow effect view if it is necessary


Swift 5.0, tvOS 9.0


Add line to Podfile

# ...
target 'MyApp' do
  # your other pod
  # ...
  pod 'ParallaxView'
# ...

Add a line to Cartfile:

github "PGSSoft/ParallaxView"

Xcode 12 (Swift 5.3) required!

In Xcode:

Select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency. Enter https://github.com/PGSSoft/ParallaxView

If you would like to check more details please visit the Apple's documentation

  • #### Manual

You can download the latest files from our Releases page. After doing so, drag ParallaxView.xcodeproj into your project in Xcode, and for your project target on General tab in Embedded Binaries section add ParallaxView.framework. Example project is configured the same way, so you have the crib sheet.


import ParallaxView


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/PGSSoft/ParallaxView.


The project is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.


The project maintained by software development agency PGS Software. See our other open-source projects or contact us to develop your product.

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*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the ParallaxView README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.