PhotoEditor SDK v10.24.0 Release Notes

  • ➕ Added

    • [VideoEditorSDK] Added video clip library for adding predefined video clips to video compositions.
    • [VideoEditorSDK] Added audio tool for adding overlay audio tracks to the edited video.

    🛠 Fixed

    • 🛠 [ImglyKit] Fixed occasional weird scrolling behavior of the angle picker in the transform tool by disabling the invisible vertical and horizontal scroll indicators of the ScalePicker.
    • 🛠 [PhotoEditorSDK] Fixed image adjustments could result in clipped sprites for images with transparent background on devices with Apple A9 SoCs.
    • 🛠 [VideoEditorSDK] Fixed green artifacts in dark regions of video compositions on devices with Apple A9 SoCs.
    • 🛠 [VideoEditorSDK] Fixed Theme.tintColor was not applied to VideoTrimSelectionView.
    • 🛠 [VideoEditorSDK] Fixed loading issue for videos where the video track id was different from 1 which caused an empty preview and a crash when TransformToolControllerOptions.allowFreeCrop was disabled.
    • 🍱 [VideoEditorSDK] Fixed an issue where assets such as stickers or text would not be placed correctly on videos.