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  • Knowing how to implement software design patterns in Swift is essential for creating modern iOS applications. But many developers find it difficult to pick the right architecture pattern for their project. We’ve selected the five design patterns most frequently used in Swift to show how you can use them to solve typical software development problems.
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  • Are you looking to start a business? Alike apps provides a good solution for you.Get your own uber-alike clone script(similar to uber)with full source code and start your dream business today…
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  • In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics of Metal and discover the major benefits of this framework. We’ll also tell about our hands-on experience processing visual data in a timely manner using Metal and Swift.
    Tutorial  Added by DariaX // // 8 days ago
  • In this iOS tutorial you'll learn how to build a blockchain app for iOS 11 with Swift 4. Blockchain technology is hot right now! I'll show you step-by-step how a blockchain works and how you can use it to create blockchain apps.
    Tutorial  Added by reinder42 // // 24 days ago
  • Although Protocol Oriented Programming elevates programming into a higher level, there are still some edge-cases where protocol extensions may not be preferred. Quick lesson learnt you should be aware of.
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  • Supernova is a design to code platform with the mission to accelerate the app development workflow for mobile designers and developers. Supernova Studio allows for flawless conversion of app designs into native iOS, Android and React Native code. Studio takes Sketch designs and converts them, within minutes, into native and production components such as buttons, labels, images, tables and more. That’s just the beginning, Studio employs highly advanced heuristics and analytics allowing for a...
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  • What are mobile app development costs and timeframes? On what does it depend? In this post, we discuss how to save on app development and what costs are crucial for outsourcing app development.
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  • Augmented Reality Development Services gets mainstream. Create classy solutions with AR app developers at Invisible Toys, one of best Augmented Reality Companies.
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  • A three part article that covers creating reusable cross-platform frameworks in swift 4 with API documentation, creating custom installer packages to place them on a 3rd party machine and installing and using the framework.
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  • Sometimes, functional code can be more natural to write. It can be easier to change too!
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  • The post is a comparison the best Augmented Reality SDK both open source and proprietary to be used for augmented reality software development for iOS and Android.
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  • Learning iOS development has become a new craze in the youth of today. With the gain in popularity of Apple iPhones and more and more user fascinated to purchase iPhone, iOS Apps are actually in demand. An iOS App gives more power and more control to the user for the ease and simplicity of their use.
    Article  Added by sunnychawla // // 2 months ago
  • There are applications, for example, FoxFi that gives you a chance to manufacture a workaround for utilizing Wi-Fi Hot Spot anyway you have to make an installment. So wouldn't it be cool in the event that you could download the FoxFi Key APK free of cost? Today in this post we will direct you on the most proficient method to download the FoxFi Key APK with no installment.
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  • So, everyone’s talking about augmented reality, how important and beneficial it is for your business. The augmented revolution is here and your competitors have already been on it for quite a while. Feels like your business is missing out on something?
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  • This magazine is all about geek iPhone and android tutorials tips and tricks etc etc .
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  • This is real 100 working snapchat hack for iphone must try this if you want to hack snapchat on iphone
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  • This blog is All about geek . In all about geek we offer android and ios tips and tricks , games hacks applications hack android and ios tutorials etc etc .
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  • Geek hobbies is all about Android and ios tips and tricks different games hacks games tips and tricks etc etc .
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  • This is all about iphone and android tips and tricks cydia hacks download free paid ios games etc etc
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  • This is all about tech , tech tricks , tech tips , android , iphone , ios , games tricks and tips , iphone tricks and tips etc etc .
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  • Did you know if you download the forever famous Kuaiyong App on your iOS device, you can enjoy Paid Apps for free? As each day passes, the number of users of iOS increases by a multiple folds and consequently so is the usage of the Apple App Store.

    Hence only in the past couple of years; we have observed a massive rise in the number of Apps that are available on the Apple App Store. Well, it cant be denied that the better apps always comes with a subscription or a payment and due to this s...
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  • If you are one of those who always end up wanting apps that aren’t free then you don’t need to spend any more of your money buying apps everyday on your Android phone. Today, in this post we will tell you ways you can use to get apps for free for your android device and that too without having to search for APK files. The Blackmart Alpha APK app is the solution to everything and if you are only here to access the Blackmart Alpha APK download link then jump down and feel free to use the link.
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  • Before this post we posted an article on the solutions to this copy of windows is not genuine error and in this post we are bringing all the details on how to force quit on Mac? If you are facing operation issues with certain apps then this isn’t a big issue on a Windows device all you have to do it hit the following keys on your keyboard Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete and the Task Manager will appear where you will be able to force quit any app.
    Article  Added by sehersohail // // 3 months ago
  • If you have ended up on this post then you may already be aware about iTube however if you don’t know what iTube is then let us tell you that iTube is this amazing app which allows you to get YouTube videos downloaded so that you can watch them offline when you are not in connection with the internet. This tool is an amazing asset as it lets you watch all your favorite videos when you are on the road and don’t want to waste your mobile data package.
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  • YouTube’s official platform now allows you to save their videos for viewing them offline videos however there are still many videos that you cannot download from YouTube. So to be able to download such forbidden videos we are bringing you this awesome app for iOS known as iTube Pro.
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  • In the gaming world, when it comes to games involving first shooters or other FPS games then Call of Duty is the most famous one out there, loved by all. If you are obsessed with gaming then it is unlikely that you don’t know about Call of Duty. Of course there are other famous ones out there as well such Battlefield 1 and Crysis 3 but no where do these two stand par in the rating with Call of Duty.
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  • Cydia Impactor is an old tool that was manufactured by the maker of the Cydia store. Cydia Impactor was indeed the center of attention when it was launched however these days Cydia Impactor has got even more follower and users especially when people are in search of ways that can help them side load the Cydia apps without having to jailbreak your iDevice through Windows. In this post we are planning on telling you how to use Cydia impactor.
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  • In the world of real time social media updates, Snapchat is something that everyone is addicted to, with their new face filters everyday and fast upload system Snapchat has made a mark in the social networking world that is hard to beat. Considering this we decided to bring you a post outlining some of the tips, tricks, hacks and use of hidden features on Snapchat particularly on how to take screenshot on Snapchat without notifying the user. Yes you heard it right, you can indeed make a Scree...
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  • Social Duplicator-Your Multiple Accounts Manager!
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