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  • With a vision of keeping your aircraft away from any kind of breakdown and flying high in the sky, we established KRN Aviation and today we are the leader in the Aviation industry in the United States. We have been consistent in providing high-quality and high-functional aircraft parts to our clients and satisfying their needs and so we are one of the best aircraft parts sellers in the United States.
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  • Intellipaat offers an industry-specific Best Machine Learning course that mainly focuses on key modules such as Python, Algorithms, Statistics & Probability, Supervised & Unsupervised Learning, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Linear & Logistic regression, etc. With these key concepts, you will be well prepared for the role of Machine Learning (ML) engineer.
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  • Intellipaat offers an industry-specific Best Machine Learning course that mainly focuses on key modules such as Python, Algorithms, Statistics & Probability, Supervised & Unsupervised Learning, Decision Trees, Random Forests, Linear & Logistic regression, etc. With these key concepts, you will be well prepared for the role of Machine Learning (ML) engineer.
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  • R&W Rope is your premier provider for the largest collections of ropes and rope products, useful in unlimited amounts of applications. These options include rock climbing, arborists, safety and rescue operations, sailing, and towing—to name a few.
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  • Apple has launched its latest version of iOS 13.5 that brings down a lot of improvements, bug fixes, and features designed to limit the spread of COVID-19.
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  • We decided to compile this somewhat disjoint list of things we wished we knew before starting the task on integrating Voice Over (VO) features.
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  • It is almost Global Accessibility Awareness Day! And WWDC 2020 is just around the corner. It is still a great time to catch up and implement everything new that was presented around accessibility in iOS 13 - it was a packed year! - so you are even readier to adapt your apps and fully embrace iOS 14. So I just thought it is a great moment to quickly remember all we can do to improve our app’s accessibility with iOS 13.
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  • Implementation of Design System components is a tricky thing on iOS. In this article, you will find out how to make reusable components and construct layouts in a declarative manner.
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  • React native development is an apt option for both iOS and android app development. We discuss in this article, the advantages and the drawbacks of using React for iOS development.
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  • A gradient is one of the most important parts of a beautiful app design. Using SwiftUI you can also fill your views with cool and beautiful gradients. Want to learn all about Gradients in SwiftUI? Please check this blog post.
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  • The blog post shows how to train the machine learning model on iOS by using the new on-device personalization feature from Core ML. At the same time mentioning the pros and cons and the general overview of the journey - how to make pancakes to be recognized as healthy instead of fast-food as the model predicts.
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  • Learn more about How to Fix Crashing IOS App on Launch using react native. We tried lot's of solutions and also found issues in React Native Github repo.
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  • The full form of AI is Artificial Intelligence.

    AI which full form is Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer task program or a machine to learn. It is also a discipline of study which enhances to make computers “smart”. They work on their own without being encoded with commands. John McCarthy coined the the name “artificial intelligence” in 1955.
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  • Pinning your server's certificates in your iOS app is a widespread method of providing security for your communication channels, but it holds some drawbacks and security risks. The primary purpose of this article is to provide an implementation example of public key hash pinning on iOS, thus enhancing the security of these channels.
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  • You’ve localized your app and need to add the screenshots to the App Store or Google Play. Easy? Yes, knowing some pitfalls and lifehacks, summarized in the article.
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  • Combine playgrounds is a playground that guides you through the framework Combine. Using it you will learn the basic core concepts of Combine and many guides to better understand its components.
    What's really awesome about it, is that it is a playground so you can play around and fully apprehend every example and piece of knowledge that is presented through it.
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  • Adapting an app’s design to another platform is crucial. But what exactly sets design for iOS and Android apart? In this article are specified key iOS and Android differences, i.e. basic differences, differences in navigation and patterns (UX), differences in components (UI), Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) for iOS, and Material Design for Android.
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  • Catch hold of these amazing App Monetization strategies to monetize your app. Skyrocket your app revenue earnings and boost effective ROI now!
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  • Developing Filters UI with help Auto Resizing Cells using UICollectionView
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  • Becoming an iOS developer gives you access to well-paid jobs. Sadly, the internet is full of advice that can sabotage your career. In this step-by-step guide you’ll learn what is needed, what to avoid, and how to get an iOS development job.
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  • Errors can happen any time and what you need to make sure in is to handle them properly in any software. Balint Barczi, our iOS Developer colleague, has a painless solution that can save you a good amount of time.
    Check out his tutorial and see how to set up global error handling using RxSwift Hooks!
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  • To watch all the recent football league, and live matches then start downloading mlb tv on Roku. After that, you need to begin with the activation process. Get into the app using the credentials. The activation code will be on-screen. And then you can Activate mlb tv on Roku by entering the code into the channel activation site.
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  • If you are looking for a site to find latest information on dump truck dispatch software, visit the previously mentioned site. You can also find helpful information on dump truck booking software on this site. I strongly recommend this.
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  • Know how to get a quick start with API platform from our hands-on review in the blog and implement it for your symfony app development right now.
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  • To perform automation tasks on Swift projects, such as linting and code formatting, we often need to use command line tools or run scripts. Let's install them and manage it all with Swift Package Manager instead!
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  • When developing iOS apps in Swift, you are bound, sooner or later, to encounter weak self references. That’s especially true in the callbacks of network requests.

    At first, weak self references might seem puzzling and, sometimes, annoying. In this article, we will see why they are needed and how you can fix them in your code.
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  • You heard about ASO and how it can propel your downloads, so you spent some time reading about it, made a few changes to your app's name and keyword list, waited for results, and... nothing.

    Does this scenario sound familiar?
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  • It’s an actionable guide for iOS designers that addresses design challenges and ways to solve them. Additionally, it highlights the importance of thumb reachability and walks readers through how, when, and where users use their phones.
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  • Timelane is an instrument for profiling and debugging Combine and RxSwift asynchronous code.
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  • Computed properties are a great tool to keep your code clean and free of bugs you should use in any code you write.
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