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  • The overview of reactive architecture evolution, since the first pod 'RxSwift' till a few years of reactive programming.
    Article  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • The 5 most important iOS 13 features your app needs to boost discoverability and improve the user experience.
    Article  Added by dhenion // // 9 months ago
  • How can you make sure your AppDelegate has a single responsibility
    Article  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • In this tutorial we will dive into the fundamentals of State - what it is, why it's good and how to use it.
    Article  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • This year Apple gives us UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout and this class continues the era of declarative programming. In this tutorial, I'll show you everything you need to know about it!
    Tutorial  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • Forget about adding images for splash screen (launch screen) with different sizes. There is a better way!
    Article  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • When your mac's hard drive is full, as an Xcode developer, what can you do?
    Article  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • Add custom transitions from one view controller to another.
    Article  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • Add custom transitions from one view controller to another.
    Article  Added by Valia // // 9 months ago
  • Learn how to automatically deploy your iOS apps using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in this step-by-step tutorial.
    Tutorial  Added by dhenion // // 9 months ago
  • Learn everything you need to know about getting started with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for iOS.
    Article  Added by dhenion // // 8 months ago
  • Refer to this well-defined iOS tutorial and understand step by step process of integrating multiple windows feature using Xcode in iOS13. This iOS 13 tutorial is helpful for those who want to implement the newly released feature of multiple windows integration in their latest iPadOS.
    Tutorial  Added by amitm30 // // 8 months ago
  • Follow the steps to integrate Apple Pay into your iOS app, if you have an eCommerce store and want to make online shopping easier and faster for your buyers.
    Article  Added by ConnectSteven // // 8 months ago
  • • Core Parts of Swift Reference Management
    • Weak References Before Swift 4
    • What’s Side Table?
    Article  Added by devMEremenko // // 7 months ago
  • Do you want to know how Apple’s iOS 13 and the latest Swift 5 will change the iOS app development industry in the coming time? Herein we have mentioned how both iOS 13 and Swift 5 will impact the app industry and take it to the next level.
    Article  Added by spaceo // // 7 months ago
  • MassiveViewController. What a bad thing! we will take a closer look and decide whether MVC is bad as everyone thinks.
    Article  Added by iAmrSalman // // 7 months ago
  • Apple’s AR Kit is an augmented reality platform for the devices running iOS. ARKit allows developers to build detailed AR experiences for its users by capturing the environment and placing characters, objects, 3D virtual text in that environment.
    Article  Added by Lilywatson090 // // 6 months ago
  • So which pattern will command 2020? Just time will tell that. In any case, what’s unmistakable is that cell phone clients are very much set to make some great memories. As of Mobile application designers and improvement, well, that battleground will stay as focused as it has consistently been.
    Article  Added by paulosborne // // 6 months ago
  • In this article, I have explained how to build a Movie Trailer App using SwiftUI concepts. I have also explained how to do the Integration of UIKit Views into SwiftUI in detail.
    Article  Added by shankarmadeshvaran // // 5 months ago
  • To create the first iOS application, we need to create a new project in XCode by double-clicking the XCode icon in the applications. This will open the XCode, we need to choose the option as Create a new project given at the left pane of the window. The following window will be opened.
    Article  Added by javatpoint // // 4 months ago
  • When developing iOS apps in Swift, you are bound, sooner or later, to encounter weak self references. That’s especially true in the callbacks of network requests.

    At first, weak self references might seem puzzling and, sometimes, annoying. In this article, we will see why they are needed and how you can fix them in your code.
    Article  Added by Matteo // // 3 months ago
  • Becoming an iOS developer gives you access to well-paid jobs. Sadly, the internet is full of advice that can sabotage your career. In this step-by-step guide you’ll learn what is needed, what to avoid, and how to get an iOS development job.
    Article  Added by Matteo // // 2 months ago
  • Adapting an app’s design to another platform is crucial. But what exactly sets design for iOS and Android apart? In this article are specified key iOS and Android differences, i.e. basic differences, differences in navigation and patterns (UX), differences in components (UI), Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) for iOS, and Material Design for Android.
    Article  Added by Kris-master // // about 1 month ago
  • Pinning your server's certificates in your iOS app is a widespread method of providing security for your communication channels, but it holds some drawbacks and security risks. The primary purpose of this article is to provide an implementation example of public key hash pinning on iOS, thus enhancing the security of these channels.
    Article  Added by davidmtamas // // about 1 month ago
  • A gradient is one of the most important parts of a beautiful app design. Using SwiftUI you can also fill your views with cool and beautiful gradients. Want to learn all about Gradients in SwiftUI? Please check this blog post.
    Article  Added by sagarunagar // // 23 days ago
  • React native development is an apt option for both iOS and android app development. We discuss in this article, the advantages and the drawbacks of using React for iOS development.
    Article  Added by Sam // // 19 days ago
  • It is almost Global Accessibility Awareness Day! And WWDC 2020 is just around the corner. It is still a great time to catch up and implement everything new that was presented around accessibility in iOS 13 - it was a packed year! - so you are even readier to adapt your apps and fully embrace iOS 14. So I just thought it is a great moment to quickly remember all we can do to improve our app’s accessibility with iOS 13.
    Article  Added by dadederk // // 16 days ago
  • SwiftUI is a revolutionary way to create user interfaces on iOS and other Apple platforms.

    It introduces a new declarative syntax that allows you to build user interfaces packed with features quickly.

    In this article, I will show you an overview of the SwiftUI features you will need in every iOS app you will ever build.
    Article  Added by Matteo // // 3 days ago
  • Creating Server-Driven UI architecture using SwiftUI's declarative UIKit. This is achieved using component-based architecture for creating re-usable UIComponents.
    Article  Added by AnupAmmanavar // // 2 days ago
  • Creating a reactive unidirectional data flow architecture using the swift's new declarative UI framework SwiftUI.
    Article  Added by AnupAmmanavar // // 2 days ago