ReSwift v5.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-07-02 // 8 months ago
  • Breaking API Changes:

    ✂ Remove StandardAction and StandardActionConvertible (#270) - @mjarvis

    • The existence of StandardAction and StandardActionConvertible is somewhat confusing to new users, and does not have a direct use case within the core ReSwift library. Therefore, it has been moved to ReSwift-Recorder where it belongs.

    - If you're using StandardAction in your project without ReSwift-Recorder, you can copy the old implementation into your project as a middle ground while you migrate away from its usage.

    👉 Make Store's state setter private (#354) - @mokagio

    • Removes the ability to directly set state by making it private(set). This prevents users from bypassing reducers and middleware. All mutation of the state must occur through the normal Action & Reducer methods.
    • This deprecates the usage of ReSwift-Recorder. Changes may be made to that library in the future in order to support this change.


Previous changes from v4.1.1

    • 🛠 Fix 4.1.0 regression with automaticallySkipsRepeats when selecting Equatable state in Non-Equatable root state (#399) - @djtech42