Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Tags: Testing     TDD / BDD    
Latest version: v1.0.1

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Spry is a Swift Playgrounds Unit Testing library based on Nimble.

The best thing about Spry is that the API matches Nimble perfectly. Which means once you've created your code and tests in a Playground, you can copy them directly into your Xcode project without needing to (re)write them again :)

Nimble: The code in this library has been copied directly from the Nimble project. However it is currently a stripped down version.


There are a couple of ways you can download Spry.


You can download a Playground including the latest version of Spry. Consider this a boilerplate template. It includes Spry in the Sources folder of the Playground, so you can simply start writing tests alongside your code in the Playground.

iPad Playgrounds
Xcode Playgrounds


You can also download or checkout this repo and simply copy the files into your existing Playground manually. Simply copy the entire Spry folder into your Playground's Sources folder. Easy Peasy!


Spry is a stripped down (Lite) version of Nimble that includes a subset of Nimble's Matchers.

Note: This is a port of Nimble only, since Quick doesn't really make sense in the context of a Playground.

The following features are NOT supported (since they are a part of Quick):


The following features are already implemented:

  • [x] expect
  • [x] to
  • [x] beAKindOf
  • [x] beAnInstanceOf
  • [x] beCloseTo
  • [x] beEmpty
  • [x] beginWith
  • [x] beGreaterThan
  • [x] beGreaterThanOrEqualTo
  • [x] beIdenticalTo
  • [x] beLessThan
  • [x] beLessThanOrEqualTo
  • [x] beLogical
  • [x] beNil
  • [x] beVoid
  • [x] containElementSatisfying
  • [x] contain
  • [x] endWith
  • [x] equal
  • [x] haveCount
  • [x] match
  • [x] satisfyAnyOf

The following features are not yet implemented:

  • [ ] toEventually
  • [ ] async
  • [ ] matchError
  • [ ] throwError
  • [ ] failWithMessage


Using Spry is as simple as writing an expect case:

func add<T: ExpressibleByIntegerLiteral>(_ x: T, _ y: T) -> T {
    return x + y

// Spry test case
expect(add(4, 5)).to(equal(9))

If you're already familiar with Nimble, then you already know how to use Spry.

For full details on how to write your tests with Spry, I suggest reading over the Nimble docs. Keeping in mind that not all features are currently included.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Spry README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.