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  • v2.0.0 Changes

    April 05, 2017

    Swift AI has been completely rewritten for Swift 3.1!

    ⚡️ This update brings many changes, so I'd like to note a few of the biggest ones here:

    • 👍 Swift 3.1 language support
    • 📦 Swift Package Manager support
    • Significant API improvements and syntactical changes
    • 👌 Support for custom activation functions and cost functions!
    • 👍 Persistent storage now uses plaintext JSON for easy readability and cross-platform support
    • FFNN has been renamed to NeuralNet
    • 🐎 Various performance improvements

    🚚 We've also removed some components from this repository. Namely:

    • Example projects
    • Vector/matrix library
    • Random number generator

    📚 The reason for removing these components is simple: in accordance with its SPM support, Swift AI is intended to be modular and expandable. Importing a neural network should not require you to import an entire collection of documentation and iOS example projects ;)

    📦 This is just Phase 1 of a series of changes that are planned for Swift AI. For the time being, the NeuralNet module will remain here in the top-level repository - but the ultimate goal is to create a GitHub organization account and continue expanding the library with new tools in their own individual packages.

    👍 Thank you for all your support and contributions!

  • v1.0.0 Changes

    November 30, 2016

    🚀 v1.0 is the official Swift 2.2 release of Swift AI. This release is pre-Swift Package Manager and includes the example projects bundled in the main repo.

    👍 All future versions will be built for Swift 3 with SPM support.