SwiftKit v1.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-05-02 // over 2 years ago
  • 👌 Improved architecture

    SwiftKit has been internally rewritten and is now splitted up in two targets SwiftKit and SwiftKitCLI to allow easier modification and improvements in the future.

    ⚡️ Update check

    SwiftKit will now inform you about new versions after you generated a new Kit.


    swiftkit new MyAwesomeKit
    A new version of SwiftKit is available: 1.2.0
    To update SwiftKit run: swiftkit update

    ⚡️ Update command

    ⚡️ To update SwiftKit to the latest version simply run:

    $ swiftkit update

    ⚡️ > The update command will only work if SwiftKit is installed via either Mint 🌱 or Homebrew 🍺

    🛠 Author mail bugfix

    🛠 Fixed a bug where the author mail was not correctly migrated

    0️⃣ Smarter Organization-Identifier default answer

    0️⃣ When providing a custom organization name the first word of the entered organization name will be the second part of the organization identifier inside the default answer.


    🏢 What's your organization name?
    (Leave empty to use: MyAwesomeKit)
    > Apple Inc.
    🖋 What's your organization identifier?
    (Leave empty to use com.apple)