SwiftyMocky is Lightweight, strongly typed framework for Mockito-like unit testing experience. As Swift doesn't support reflections well enough to allow building mocks in runtime, library depends on Sourcery, that scans your source code and generates Swift code for you.

The idea of SwiftyMocky is to mock Swift protocols. The main features are: - easy syntax, utilising full power of auto-complete, which makes writing test easier and faster - it DO support generics - mock implementations generation - a way to specify what mock will return (given) - possibility to specify different return values for different attributes - record stubbed return values sequence - verify, whether a method was called on mock or not - check method invocations with specified attributes - it works with real device

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Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Tags: Framework     Swift     iOS     Testing     TDD / BDD     Unit Testing     Mock    

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