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Xamarin Universal Library :book:

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Hi! Welcome to Xamarin Universal Library!

This is a universal library that contains everything we need to know about the Xamarin universe. Xamarin Universal Library is an open source project from the community to the community.

Here we have the following sections:

See all the content [here](src). Didn't find the section you were looking for? This's for you here.

Want to contribute :pencil2:

If you use Xamarin, you belong here. You're welcome to add your suggestions and have it aggregated as part of our library as long as the content you are sharing does not violate the community [code of conduct](/.github/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md).

There are several ways in which you can contribute. Here are some:

  • Send a pull-request to this repository with your suggestions.
  • Share this repository with everyone who uses xamarin (people, teams, communities, companies or any other entity).
  • Invite others to share this project and continue to spread the word.

Of course you are more than welcome to submit other features and bugfixes as well.

Want to add a new section or sub-section

Pull requests will be accepted based on the following:

  1. The pull request adheres to the repository's [Code of Conduct](/.github/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md)
  2. If you submit the section with a general README.md file *
  3. If you submit the section with a contributing-guidelines.md. Please see others guidelines and follow same pattern.
  4. If the section have too much details, please add a linking detail template file in a detail folder. e.g.: /new-section/detail/example.md/

Already a contributor?

Great! Good to have you aboard!

You can show off to the world by incorporating this badge into your blog, social network, or wherever you want. If you would have it link back to us, that would be totally awesome!

Want to know more :sunglasses:

Xamarin Universal Library is not affiliated with Xamarin Inc. or Microsoft. This is a open-source project maintained by the community for the community.

  • If you want to know a little more about this project, you can visit the following link.
  • Ask direcltly in our facebook group(EN). Or in this facebook group(ES) in spanish.

Acknowledgements :muscle:

Thanks to all of you and our awesome contributors who make this all possible.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Xamarin README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.