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Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Tags: Tools    
Latest version: v0.5.3

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An executable that can be called from a Run Script Build Phase that makes comments such as // TODO: or // SERIOUS: appear in Xcode's Issue Navigator giving them project-wide visibility.

  • Works in Swift files.
  • An upside of using this program as compared to #warning pragmas available to Objective-C is we can keep "treat warnings as errors" on in the host project build settings since this executable runs post-build.
  • Comments can be configured as warnings or errors. Error-producing comments stop the build from succeeding.
  • Warning or error behavior for comments can be configured differently per build configuration—you can have a // TODO: be a warning in DEBUG and be an error in RELEASE for instance.


Install with Homebrew

brew tap doubleencore/tap
brew install xcodeissuegenerator

Xcode 8 and Swift 3 are required to build XcodeIssueGenerator.

Install Manually

Download the latest release or build the project yourself. Copy the XcodeIssueGenerator executable to your /usr/local/bin directory and make it executable: chmod +x /usr/local/bin/XcodeIssueGenerator. Call the XcodeIssueGenerator executable from a Run Script build phase.

Adding a Run Script Build Phase

Select the target on which to run XcodeIssueGenerator, select Build Phases, and select the "+" icon to add a new Run Script phase. Then put in a call to XcodeIssueGenerator as in the example below.

Example Run Script

if which XcodeIssueGenerator >/dev/null; then
    # Mark WARNINGs, SERIOUSs, and TODOs as warnings in DEBUG builds excluding the Vendor and Third Party directories.
    XcodeIssueGenerator -b DEBUG -w "WARNING, SERIOUS, TODO" -x "Vendor/, Third Party/"

    # Mark WARNINGs and SERIOUSs as warnings and TODOs as errors in RELEASE builds excluding the Vendor and Third Party directories.
    XcodeIssueGenerator -b RELEASE -w "WARNING, SERIOUS" -e TODO -x "Vendor/, Third Party/"
    echo "warning: XcodeIssueGenerator is not installed."

With the Run Script above, we'll show all comments in Issue Navigator as warnings in DEBUG builds. In RELEASE builds, we'll mark TODOs as errors as a way to block unfinished work from becoming part of a release build.


  • -w warnings tags list (required if no -e)
  • -e error tags list (required if no -w)
  • -b build configuration (required)
  • -x exclude directories (optional)

Tags can be any string. Multiple tags should be separated by commas. Build configurations should match those in the host Xcode project.


XcodeIssueGenerator is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the XcodeIssueGenerator README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.