Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Latest version: v4.0.0

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BinaryKit helps you to break down binary data into bits and bytes, easily access specific parts and write data to binary.

Access Bytes

By using any read* method (readByte(), readBytes(quantity:), readBit(), โ€ฆ), BinaryKit will increment an internal cursor (or reading offset) to the end of the requested bit or byte, so the next read* method can continue from there.

Any get* method (getByte(index:), getBytes(range:), getBit(index:), โ€ฆ) will give access to binary data at any given location โ€” without incrementing the internal cursor.

Here are the methods you can call:

var binary = Binary(bytes: [0xDE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, โ€ฆ])

// Reads exactly 1 byte and
// increments the cursor by 1 byte 
try binary.readByte()

// Reads the next 4 bytes and
// increments the cursor by 4 bytes
try binary.readBytes(4)

// Reads the next 1 bit and
// increments the cursor by 1 bit
try binary.readBit()

// Reads the next 4 bits and
// increments the cursor by 4 bits
try binary.readBits(4)


var binary = Binary(bytes: [0b1_1_0_1_1_1_0_0])
//                            | | | | | | | | 
//                            | | | | | | | try binary.readBit()  // 0
//                            | | | | | | try binary.readBit()    // 0
//                            | | | | | try binary.readBit()      // 1
//                            | | | | try binary.readBit()        // 1
//                            | | | try binary.readBit()          // 1
//                            | | try binary.readBit()            // 0
//                            | try binary.readBit()              // 1
//                            try binary.readBit()                // 1

This shows how easy it is, to break down an IPv4 header.

var binary = Binary(bytes: [0x1B, 0x44, โ€ฆ])
let version                         = try binary.readBits(4)
let internetHeaderLength            = try binary.readBits(4)
let differentiatedServicesCodePoint = try binary.readBits(6)
let explicitCongestionNotification  = try binary.readBits(2)
let totalLength                     = try binary.readBytes(2)
let identification                  = try binary.readBytes(2)
let flags                           = try binary.readBits(4)
let fragmentOffset                  = try binary.readBits(12)
let timeToLive                      = try binary.readByte()
let protocolNumber                  = try binary.readByte()
let headerChecksum                  = try binary.readBytes(2)
let sourceIpAddress                 = try binary.readBytes(4)
let destinationIpAddress            = try binary.readBytes(4)

Store Bytes

Use the write* methods to store different types to binary.

var binary = Binary()
binary.writeString("Hello World!")
binary.writeBytes([0xFF, 0xCC, 0x00, 0x01])


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BinaryKit is released under the MIT License.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the BinaryKit README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.