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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.


Read and update Xcode projects.
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Deleting DerivedData the right way

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Swift reference types are bad for app startup time

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Announcing Flutter 2

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Excel spreadsheet (XLSX) format support in pure Swift.
Featured Library // Category Other Parsing

Ionic modals passing and receiving data

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Flutter - Part 1(Complete Beginners Guide)

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Adding modals to an Ionic app

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OneSignal is a free push notification service for mobile apps. This plugin makes it easy to integrate your native iOS app with OneSignal.
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Xcode, coffee and a cozy snowy cabin.

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Swift WebSockets: Starscream or URLSession in 2021?

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How to create a Side Menu in iOS using Swift | John Codeos

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GraphQL in Swift

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Network Requests and REST APIs in iOS with Swift (Protocol-Oriented Approach)

Networking is a requirement for most modern iOS apps. Apps usually interface with a remote web service. And often, such a web service is a REST API that returns JSON data.

Writing the networking layer of an iOS app is not a simple task. When making asynchronous network calls, you need to combine several features of Swift, SwiftUI, and the Foundation framework. Moreover, many parts of your app’s architecture need to interact, making the task more complicated than it might seem at first.
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Ionic adding a side menu

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A library for isolated developing UI components and automatically snapshots of them.
Featured Library // Category Debugging

How I got 20,000+ Downloads for my IOS App with $0

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InstantSearch iOS

A library of widgets and helpers to build instant-search applications on iOS.
Featured Library // Category TextField & TextView

Mobile e2e tests using WebdriverIO and Appium

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Effortless ZIP Handling in Swift
Featured Library // Category Files


DeviceGuru is a simple lib (Swift) to know the exact type of the device, e.g. iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s.
Featured Library // Category Utility

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An elaborate post on Functions in Swift.

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Grand Central Dispatch in a Nutshell

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An image download and caching library for iOS written in Swift.
Featured Library // Category Image