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Elegant & Painless Attributed Strings Management Library in Swift.
Featured Library // Category Text

Alamofire vs AFNetworking

Popular comparison
  • Alamofire - Alamofire is an HTTP networking library written in Swift, from the creator of AFNetworking.
  • AFNetworking - A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework.

Add fireworks and sparks to a UIView

A tutorial of adding fireworks effect to a UIView.
Tutorial Added by: tomkowz //

Mobile App Development Company

We Smarther a leading website and mobile app development company in India, offering excellent mobile based application services from the hands of well experienced experts having more than 8 years of working experience.
Article Added by: hellanadam //


Couchbase Mobile

Couchbase document store for mobile with cloud sync.
Featured Library // Category Database

Awesome iOS Newsletter » 116

Top Stories
  • Evolving mobile architecture at Reddit - Moving to Model-View-Presenter and changing the view layer implementation
  • Storyboards, you’re ok (the best podcast/conversation I’ve heard regarding storyboards in iOS, pros and cons)
  • Apple Push Validation Tool: Verify your push notification JSON is correct.
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Access Control Management with Swift

An article to describe how to control which resources can users access and what actions can they perform by describing Attributed Role-Based access control and how to apply it to swift in a nice and clean way.
Article Added by: mmabdelateef //

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Swift and UIKit a la React.
Featured Library // Category Reactive Programming

Apple Push Validation Tool: Verify your push notification JSON is correct.

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MessageKit vs Chatto

Popular comparison
  • MessageKit - Eventually, a Swift re-write of JSQMessagesViewController
  • Chatto - A lightweight framework to build chat applications, made in Swift

Mobile App Bug Reporting Best Practices

Bug reporting is a vital a part of any mobile app development process and can easily be managed by following these mobile app bug reporting best practices.
Article Added by: hadyelhady //


FlyoverKit enables you to present stunning 360° flyover views on your MKMapView with zero effort while maintaining full configuration possibilities.
Featured Library // Category Maps

LayoutKit vs SnapKit

Popular comparison
  • LayoutKit - LayoutKit is a fast view layout library for iOS
  • SnapKit - A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X.


Error tracking with a free tier. Error reports include data on device, release, user, and allows arbitrary data.
Featured Library // Category Analytics


A versatile SQLite toolkit for Swift
Featured Library // Category Database

Swinject vs Cleanse

Popular comparison
  • Swinject - Dependency injection framework for Swift
  • Cleanse - Lightweight Swift Dependency Injection Framework by Square.


High-level crypto library, providing basic asymmetric encryption, secure messaging with forward secrecy and secure data storage, supports iOS/OS X, Android and different server side platforms.
Featured Library // Category Security

Last 30 Days


An adorable little framework and command line tool for interacting with SourceKit.
Featured Library // Category Tools

SVProgressHUD vs MBProgressHUD

Popular comparison
  • SVProgressHUD - A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS app.
  • MBProgressHUD - Drop-in class for displays a translucent HUD with an indicator and/or labels while work is being done in a background thread.

IGListKit vs AsyncDisplayKit

Popular comparison
  • IGListKit - A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.
  • AsyncDisplayKit - AsyncDisplayKit is an iOS framework that keeps even the most complex user interfaces smooth and responsive.

Apple Special Event and Porn: Traffic by the Minute on PornHub

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A 12 Step Guide to Becoming an iOS Developer

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A simple, highly informative page view controller.
Featured Library // Category UI

Awesome iOS Newsletter » 115

Top Stories
  • Refactoring in Swift: Setup Closures
  • Free goodies for those of you who need to ship fast but keep good UX inside iOS apps. Check these 60+ iOS UI kits.
  • Becoming a Better iOS Developer With SOLID. The Martians are attacking! Fight your way out using the SOLID principles!
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ReactiveKit vs RxSwift

Popular comparison
  • ReactiveKit - ReactiveKit is a collection of Swift frameworks for reactive and functional reactive programming.
  • RxSwift - Reactive Programming in Swift