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  • SwiftUI for UIKit developers
  • What To Do When You Get Sherlocked By Apple
  • Xcode 11 Displays Crash Logs in Context of Your Projects
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13377x Proxy List [13377x Mirror Sites]

Since you know what is 13377x movie proxy torrents are and the advantages you can get from utilizing it as a download technique. You should be on edge to realize how to begin downloading your preferred movies and videos.
Article Added by: raziya123 // v15.2.0

A new version of has been released
New Version


Camera and Microphone streaming library via RTMP, HLS for iOS, macOS.
Featured Library // Category Streaming


animated-tab-bar v5.0.3

A new version of animated-tab-bar has been released
New Version

Nuke vs Kingfisher

Popular comparison
  • Nuke - Advanced framework for managing images
  • Kingfisher - A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.


An image download and caching library for iOS written in Swift.
Featured Library // Category Image

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PagingKit v1.11.1

A new version of PagingKit has been released
New Version


Command line tool that generates your Xcode project from a spec file and your folder structure.
Featured Library // Category Tools

GRDB.swift vs SQLite.swift

Popular comparison
  • GRDB.swift - A versatile SQLite toolkit for Swift
  • SQLite.swift - A type-safe, Swift-language layer over SQLite3.

Starscream v3.1.1

A new version of Starscream has been released
New Version

iOS Tutorial: How to integrate multiple windows feature (introduced in iOS 13) in iPadOS

Refer to this well-defined iOS tutorial and understand step by step process of integrating multiple windows feature using Xcode in iOS13. This iOS 13 tutorial is helpful for those who want to implement the newly released feature of multiple windows integration in their latest iPadOS.
Tutorial Added by: amitm30 //


A dependency manager driven by SwiftPM that works for iOS/tvOS/watchOS/macOS projects.
Featured Library // Category Dependency / Package Manager

SwiftUI for UIKit developers

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paper-onboarding v6.1.4

A new version of paper-onboarding has been released
New Version


Generate PDF using commands and automatic layout.
Featured Library // Category PDF

What To Do When You Get Sherlocked By Apple

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folding-cell v5.0.2

A new version of folding-cell has been released
New Version


Powerful theme/skin manager for iOS 7+
Featured Library // Category UI

Xcode 11 Displays Crash Logs in Context of Your Projects

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SnapKit vs PureLayout

Popular comparison
  • SnapKit - A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X.
  • PureLayout - The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout

NotificationBanner v3.0.0

A new version of NotificationBanner has been released
New Version


A versatile SQLite toolkit for Swift
Featured Library // Category Database

XLForm vs Eureka

Popular comparison
  • XLForm - XLForm is the most flexible and powerful iOS library to create dynamic table-view forms. Fully compatible with Swift & Obj-C.
  • Eureka - Elegant iOS form builder in pure Swift.

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Awesome iOS Newsletter » 171

Top Stories
  • iOS Interview Questions. Big list of everything I've been asked by all the top companies this year
  • Preventing Man-in-the-Middle Attacks in iOS with SSL Pinning
  • SwiftUI Tutorial for Slider Control
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Charts v3.4.0

A new version of Charts has been released
New Version


A GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift
Featured Library // Category Representations

swift-http vs CocoaHTTPServer

Popular comparison
  • swift-http - HTTP Implementation for Swift on Linux and Mac OS X
  • CocoaHTTPServer - A small, lightweight, embeddable HTTP server for Mac OS X or iOS applications.