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Computed properties in Swift: A basic feature for safer and cleaner code

Computed properties are a great tool to keep your code clean and free of bugs you should use in any code you write.
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Powerful theme/skin manager for iOS 7+
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What's Subscription Churn and What You Can Do to Reduce It

Your active subscriptions go up when new users subscribe and down when they cancel their subscriptions. In this guide, we're going to take a closer look at the second group and see that reducing the number of subscribers who leave is as crucial as getting new subscribers.

In the world of subscriptions, the metric for how many subscribers leave is called churn, and it's a standard KPI used to measure how fast your business is "leaking" subscribers.
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VerticalCardSwiper v2.2.0

A new version of VerticalCardSwiper has been released
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First boilerplate-free mocking framework for Swift
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Prism - Design System Code Generator

Gett's Design System code generator. Use Zeplin Styleguides as your R&D's Single Source of Truth.
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FMDB vs GRDB.swift

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  • FMDB - A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite.
  • GRDB.swift - A versatile SQLite toolkit for Swift

zld: fast linking times for debug builds

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AlamofireImage v4.0.1

A new version of AlamofireImage has been released
New Version

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Camera and Microphone streaming library via RTMP, HLS for iOS, macOS.
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iOS Developer interview questions 2020 | Ordinary Coding

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YoutubeKit vs Swift-YouTube-Player

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  • YoutubeKit - A video player that fully supports Youtube IFrame API and YoutubeDataAPI for easily create a Youtube app.
  • Swift-YouTube-Player - Swift library for embedding and controlling YouTube videos in your iOS applications!

Alamofire v5.0.1

A new version of Alamofire has been released
New Version


PagingKit provides customizable menu UI It has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries.
Featured Library // Category Menu

SVProgressHUD vs MBProgressHUD

Popular comparison
  • SVProgressHUD - A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS app.
  • MBProgressHUD - Drop-in class for displays a translucent HUD with an indicator and/or labels while work is being done in a background thread.

What makes code “Swifty”?

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Braintree v4.32.1

A new version of Braintree has been released
New Version


Deep Analytics for iOS Subscriptions
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Protocol-oriented UITableView management, powered by generics and associated types.
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SDWebImage vs Kingfisher

Popular comparison
  • SDWebImage - Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category.
  • Kingfisher - A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.

Porcupine   v1.7

A new version of Porcupine   has been released
New Version


💻 A fast and flexible O(n) difference algorithm framework for Swift collection.
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App Store Payment Calendar

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chisel v2.0.0

A new version of chisel has been released
New Version


Read and update Xcode projects.
Featured Library // Category Project setup

StickyCollectionView-Swift vs TTGTagCollectionView

Popular comparison
  • StickyCollectionView-Swift - UICollectionView layout for presenting of the overlapping cells.
  • TTGTagCollectionView - Show simple text tags or custom tag views in a vertical scrollable view.

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