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Job Scheduler with Concurrent run, failure/retry, persistence, repeat, delay and more.
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On Optimizing Images in iOS

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GCDWebServer vs CocoaHTTPServer

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  • GCDWebServer - Lightweight GCD based HTTP server for OS X & iOS (includes web based uploader & WebDAV server)
  • CocoaHTTPServer - A small, lightweight, embeddable HTTP server for Mac OS X or iOS applications.

Watermarking photos with ImageMagick, Vapor 3 and Swift on macOS and Linux

When I recently tried to use ImageMagick in my Vapor project, I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to setup and wrap ImageMagick into a Swift package. I had a lot of issues with missing files and linker errors. After resolving all of those issues, using ImageMagick turns out to be very simple and straightforward 😄
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CSV reading and writing library written in Swift.
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FSCalendar vs JTAppleCalendar

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  • FSCalendar - A superiorly awesome iOS7+ calendar control, compatible with both Objective-c and Swift
  • JTAppleCalendar - The final iOS calendar control you'll ever try.

Top Mobile Device Management Tools

Explore MDM and MAM tools that allow you to manage your team’s mobile devices and data and privately distribute apps or tools in bulk.
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Swift manual views layouting without auto layout, no magic, pure code, full control. Concise syntax, readable & chainable
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Cleanse vs Swinject

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  • Cleanse - Lightweight Swift Dependency Injection Framework by Square.
  • Swinject - Dependency injection framework for Swift

Progressive Release: How to Release Your App With Less Stress

Learn why the ideal mobile app release process includes beta testing, staged rollouts, continuous integration/deployment, feature toggles, and A/B testing.
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A simple Swift framework for building reliable Bluetooth LE apps.
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Automatically translate and synchronize .strings files from base language.
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Awesome iOS Newsletter » 127

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  • Apple launches app development program to support women entrepreneurs
  • New scammy iOS app shows Apple may need to tweak its App Store review process
  • Managing secrets within an iOS app
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Use FontAwesome in your Swift projects.
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CocoaLumberjack vs XCGLogger

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  • CocoaLumberjack - A fast & simple, yet powerful & flexible logging framework for Mac and iOS.
  • XCGLogger - A debug log framework for use in Swift projects. Allows you to log details to the console (and optionally a file), just like you would have with NSLog or println, but with additional information, such as the date, function name, filename and line number.


Open source, mobile & web analytics, crash reports and push notifications platform for iOS & Android.
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RxSwift vs ReSwift

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  • RxSwift - Reactive Programming in Swift
  • ReSwift - Unidirectional Data Flow in Swift

Nuke vs Kingfisher

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  • Nuke - Advanced framework for managing images
  • Kingfisher - A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.


iOS UI library to implement overlay based interfaces
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CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout vs IGListKit

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  • CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout - The waterfall (i.e., Pinterest-like) layout for UICollectionView.
  • IGListKit - A data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists.


Fully refactored YNExapnadableCell with more concise, bug free. Awesome expandable, collapsible tableview cell for iOS written in Swift 3
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Xcode file variants without targets

The blog post presents an alternative way to build a different flavor of the app using "Build Rules", the least popular tab in Xcode's project configuration. It demonstrates how to set up a single-target Xcode project that controls if some .swift file should be included in the build process or not.
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"Saving Your Screen" - Build your own screen saver in Swift

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FMDB vs SQLite.swift

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  • FMDB - A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite.
  • SQLite.swift - A type-safe, Swift-language layer over SQLite3.


iSimulator is a GUI utility to control the Simulator, and manage the app installed on the simulator.
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Best iOS hacks from Twitter: October & November Edition

We’ll take a look at many debugging tips, UIKit hacks, App Store Connect recommendations, and Xcode shortcuts.
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Best iOS tips from Twitter: October & November Edition

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An easy-to-use, fully customizable and extensible calendar for your app
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Mock-free unit tests in Swift - Swift by Sundell

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