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PagingKit provides customizable menu UI It has more flexible layout and design than the other libraries.
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Nuke vs Kingfisher

Popular comparison
  • Nuke - Advanced framework for managing images
  • Kingfisher - A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.

This is an article I wrote about why I excited for Swift UI as a UX designer, and how I hope other designers and design teams will embrace it.
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Quick v2.2.0

A new version of Quick has been released
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Library to help handle mentions, written in Swift
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Fireworks - Particle Effects Editor

Fireworks generates Swift code on the fly for macOS and iOS as you build particle effects, letting you interactively design and iterate without having to constantly rebuild your app.

No third-party libraries or dependencies needed
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SwiftDate v6.1.0

A new version of SwiftDate has been released
New Version

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Most complete Swift framework for mock generation. Adds a set of handy methods, simplifying testing.
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SnapKit vs EasyPeasy

Popular comparison
  • SnapKit - A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X.
  • EasyPeasy - The easiest way to create and maintain Auto Layout constraints

Jazzy v0.11.0

A new version of Jazzy has been released
New Version


Use FontAwesome in your Swift projects.
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How Apple’s Apps Topped Rivals in the App Store It Controls

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AFNetworking vs Alamofire

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  • AFNetworking - A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework.
  • Alamofire - Alamofire is an HTTP networking library written in Swift, from the creator of AFNetworking.

The Simple Life(cycle) of a SwiftUI View

Taking the Veteran Approach to the Next Generation
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Change splash screen in iOS app for dummies (the better way)

Forget about adding images for splash screen (launch screen) with different sizes. There is a better way!
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React Native App : White Label 101

Learn how to use the same native tools for white-labeling our React Native project.
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iOS Dynamic Push Notifications with AWS Pinpoint

In this tutorial, we will walk over the steps on how to implement push notifications with amazon web services for iOS apps.
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Improve your Xcode (Swift) Compile Time

Nobody likes slow Xcode compile time. It's so annoying! But there are ways to fix it
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All you need to know about UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout

This year Apple gives us UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout and this class continues the era of declarative programming. In this tutorial, I'll show you everything you need to know about it!
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SwiftUI - Understanding State

In this tutorial we will dive into the fundamentals of State - what it is, why it's good and how to use it.
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Clean AppDelegate

How can you make sure your AppDelegate has a single responsibility
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Eureka v5.0.1

A new version of Eureka has been released
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Fast Views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. [iOS/macOS/tvOS/CALayer]
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  • Facebook is closing Account Kit
  • Conquering Bézier curves for Stanford's CS193P
  • Wider haptics control with iOS 13's UIImpactFeedbackGenerator
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GCDWebServer vs CocoaHTTPServer

Popular comparison
  • GCDWebServer - Lightweight GCD based HTTP server for OS X & iOS (includes web based uploader & WebDAV server)
  • CocoaHTTPServer - A small, lightweight, embeddable HTTP server for Mac OS X or iOS applications.

Stripe v17.0.1

A new version of Stripe has been released
New Version


Job Scheduler with Concurrent run, failure/retry, persistence, repeat, delay and more.
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