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Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

Dorm Room Doorbell

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24/7 Tetap Nyaman Dimanapun Kapanpun

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🏗 A way to build AutoLayout rapidly than using InterfaceBuilder(XIB, Storyboard) in iOS.
Featured Library // Category Layout



Semi-automated Text Translator for Websites and Apps
Featured Library // Category Localization

ProgressView in SwiftUI

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Part 2 in making Twitter's Search tab in SwiftUI

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Chat SDK iOS - Open Source Mobile Messenger
Featured Library // Category Messaging

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  • Account deletion within apps required starting January 31
  • Microapps architecture in Swift. SPM basics.
  • iOS Code Review Checklist
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Migrating our Purchases SDK from Objective-C to Swift

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A light-weight server-side service framework written in the Swift programming language.
Featured Library // Category Server

RxRealm v5.0.4

A new version of RxRealm has been released
New Version


Robust CloudKit synchronization: offline editing, relationships, shared and public databases, field-level deltas, and more.
Featured Library // Category Core Data

Navigator overview in Flutter.

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Account deletion within apps required starting January 31

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Mockito for Objective-C: creation, verification and stubbing of mock objects
Featured Library // Category Other Testing

iOS Code Review Checklist

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Step by Step: Customize your colors in SwifUI

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The Amazing Audio Engine is a sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.
Featured Library // Category Audio

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Develop Safari Web Extension for iOS and Mac in 2022

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🚀 Elegant Pager View fully written in pure SwiftUI.
Featured Library // Category UI

How easy is to code Drag Gestures in SwiftUI?

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idb is a flexible command line interface for automating iOS simulators and devices
Featured Library // Category Tools


Full Bitcoin library for iOS, implemented on Swift. SPV wallet implementation for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash blockchains.
Featured Library // Category Blockchain

Microapps architecture in Swift. SPM basics.

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