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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

Finding and Reporting a SwiftUI bug

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iOS SDK for growing mobile in-app purchases
Featured Library // Category Official


Apple Sign In With Appwrite

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AWS SDK for iOS. For more information, see our web site:
Featured Library // Category Official

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Bugsnag v6.14.1

A new version of Bugsnag has been released
New Version


BaseComponents aims to provide easily reusable and understandable components to increase productivity with UIKit and Foundation APIs
Featured Library // Category UI


🏗 A way to building layouts faster in AutoLayout like SwiftUI - powered by Result Builders
Featured Library // Category Layout

Mastering ControlGroup in SwiftUI

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  • Apple introduces Tech Talks 2021, live online sessions for developers
  • Building apps just got Swifter! - Announcing Appwrite v0.11
  • Getting started with Appwrite's Apple SDK and UIKit
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Let's Build A Job Portal With iOS

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GradientLoadingBar v2.1.1

A new version of GradientLoadingBar has been released
New Version


The XCTest Project, A Swift core library for providing unit test support
Featured Library // Category TDD / BDD

Getting Started With Appwrite's Apple SDK 📱💻

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The Holy Grail of UIKit: Delegate Pattern

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Dependency injection for Swift (iOS, OSX, Linux). Strongly typed, pure Swift successor to Typhoon.
Featured Library // Category Dependency Injection

New in SwiftUI 3: Canvas

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How to use iOS simulator in full-screen

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CoreData and Swift

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Getting started with Appwrite's Apple SDK and UIKit

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On-device wake word detection powered by deep learning.
Featured Library // Category SDK

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A light-weight server-side service framework written in the Swift programming language.
Featured Library // Category Server

Creating an App Clip for Hue lights

Learnings from building a small stand-alone iOS app for guests to control your smart lighting system.
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Flutter: Interesting widgets, part 2.

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