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  • SDWebImage

    10.0 8.6 Objective-C
    Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category.
  • GPU Image

    10.0 1.9 Objective-C
    An open source iOS framework for GPU-based image and video processing.
  • MWPhotoBrowser

    9.8 1.5 Objective-C
    A simple iOS photo and video browser with grid view, captions and selections
  • FastImageCache

    9.7 1.9 Objective-C
    iOS library for quickly displaying images while scrolling.
  • Kingfisher

    9.7 9.0 Swift
    A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching image from the web.
  • FLAnimatedImage

    9.6 0.0 Objective-C
    Performant animated GIF engine for iOS
  • Reader

    9.5 0.7 Objective-C
    PDF Reader Core for iOS.
  • EZAudio

    9.4 2.0 Objective-C
    An iOS/OSX audio visualization framework built upon Core Audio useful for anyone doing real-time, low-latency audio processing and visualizations.
  • AudioKit

    9.3 9.8 Swift
    A powerful toolkit for synthesizing, processing, and analyzing sounds.
  • ZFPlayer

    9.1 8.4 Objective-C
    Based on AVPlayer, support for the horizontal screen, vertical screen (full screen playback can also lock the screen direction), the upper and lower slide to adjust the volume, the screen brightness, or so slide to adjust the playback progress.
  • GPUImage2

    9.1 6.6 Swift
    GPUImage 2 is a BSD-licensed Swift framework for GPU-accelerated video and image processing.
  • YYWebImage

    9.1 4.0 Objective-C
    Asynchronous image loading framework (supports WebP, APNG, GIF).
  • PINRemoteImage

    9.0 8.2 Objective-C
    A thread safe, performant, feature rich image fetcher.
  • IDMPhotoBrowser

    9.0 5.5 Objective-C
    Photo Browser / Viewer.
  • LFLiveKit

    8.9 8.5 C
    H264 and AAC Hard coding,support GPUImage Beauty, rtmp transmission,weak network lost frame,Dynamic switching rate
  • AlamofireImage

    8.8 8.0 Swift
    An image component library for Alamofire.
  • novocaine

    8.8 0.6 Objective-C
    Painless high-performance audio on iOS and Mac OS X.
  • MHVideoPhotoGallery

    8.8 0.0 Objective-C
    A Photo and Video Gallery
  • SwiftOCR

    8.8 6.8 Swift
    Fast and simple OCR library written in Swift
  • JTSImageViewController

    8.7 0.5 Objective-C
    Interactive iOS image viewer.
  • NYTPhotoViewer

    8.6 3.1 Objective-C
    Slideshow and image viewer.
  • MobilePlayer

    8.6 3.1 Swift
    A powerful and completely customizable media player for iOS.
  • StreamingKit

    8.5 0.0 Objective-C
    A fast and extensible gapless AudioPlayer/AudioStreamer for OSX and iOS.
  • Nuke

    8.5 8.8 Swift
    Advanced framework for managing images
  • Toucan

    8.5 2.7 Swift
    Fabulous Image Processing in Swift
  • RSKImageCropper

    8.4 5.2 Objective-C
    An image cropper for iOS like in the Contacts app with support for landscape orientation.
  • AspectFillFaceAware

    8.3 6.6 Swift
    An extension that gives UIImageView the ability to focus on faces within an image when using AspectFill.
  • EBPhotoPages

    8.3 0.0 Objective-C
    A photo gallery for iOS with a modern feature set. Similar features as the Facebook photo browser.
  • gifu

    8.2 6.0 Swift
    Highly performant animated GIF support for iOS in Swift
  • TOCropViewController

    8.2 7.3 Objective-C
    A view controller that allows users to crop UIImage objects.
  • YLGIFImage

    8.2 0.3 Objective-C
    Async GIF image decoder and Image viewer supporting play GIF images. It just use very less memory.
  • FolioReaderKit

    8.0 8.9 Swift
    A Swift ePub reader and parser framework for iOS.
  • UIImageColors

    7.9 5.4 Swift
    iTunes style color fetcher for UIImage.
  • ImagePickerSheetController

    7.9 4.8 Swift
    ImagePickerSheetController is like the custom photo action sheet in iMessage just without the glitches.
  • FlagKit

    7.8 5.0 Ruby
    Beautiful flag icons for usage in apps and on the web.
  • DFImageManager

    7.7 2.4 Objective-C
    Modern framework for fetching images from various sources. Zero config yet immense customization and extensibility. Uses NSURLSession.
  • AsyncImageView

    7.7 1.3 Objective-C
    Simple extension of UIImageView for loading and displaying images asynchronously without lock up the UI.
  • Concorde

    7.7 1.1 Objective-C
    Download and decode progressive JPEGs.
  • SKPhotoBrowser

    7.7 8.2 Swift
    Simple PhotoBrowser/Viewer inspired by facebook, twitter photo browsers written by swift
  • ImageViewer

    7.5 8.5 Swift
    An image viewer à la Twitter
  • APNGKit

    7.5 7.0 Swift
    High performance and delightful way to play with APNG format in iOS.
  • AnimatedGIFImageSerialization

    7.4 0.0 Objective-C
    Complete Animated GIF Support for iOS, with Functions, NSJSONSerialization-style Class, and (Optional) UIImage Swizzling
  • Sharaku

    7.3 7.2 Swift
    Instagram-like image filter ViewController.
  • YYImage

    7.3 3.6 Objective-C
    Image framework for iOS to display/encode/decode animated WebP, APNG, GIF, and more.
  • Player

    7.0 8.2 Swift
    ▶️ video player in Swift, simple way to play and stream media in your iOS or tvOS app
  • ImageScout

    6.8 3.9 Swift
    A Swift implementation of fastimage. Supports PNG, GIF, and JPEG.
  • YUCIHighPassSkinSmoothing

    6.7 0.6 Objective-C
    An implementation of High Pass Skin Smoothing using Apple's Core Image Framework
  • JWAnimatedImage

    6.4 5.4 Swift
    A animated GIF&APNG engine for iOS in Swift with low memory & cpu usage.Optimized for Multi-Image case.
  • lf.swift

    6.4 9.0 Swift
    Camera and Microphone streaming library via RTMP, HLS for iOS, macOS.
  • SwiftGif

    6.1 3.7 Swift
    ✨ A small UIImage extension with gif support
  • ImageSlideshow

    6.0 8.2 Swift
    Swift image slideshow with circular scrolling, timer and full screen viewer.
  • SwiftyGif

    6.0 6.4 Swift
    High performance GIF engine
  • XAnimatedImage

    5.9 0.0 Swift
    XAnimatedImage is a performant animated GIF engine for iOS written in Swift based on FLAnimatedImage
  • SubtleVolume

    5.7 3.7 Swift
    Replace the system volume popup with a more subtle indicator.
  • IQAudioRecorderController

    5.5 2.2 Objective-C
    A drop-in universal library allows to record audio within the app with a nice User Interface.
  • BMPlayer

    5.4 7.8 Swift
    video player in swift3 and swift2 for iOS, based on AVPlayer, support the horizontal, vertical screen. support adjust volume, brigtness and seek by slide.
  • UIImageView-BetterFace-Swift

    5.4 0.0 Swift
    The Swift version of https://github.com/croath/UIImageView-BetterFace
  • QRCode

    5.4 4.8 Swift
    A QRCode generator written in Swift.
  • Periscope VideoViewController

    5.4 0.7 Swift
    Video view controller with Periscope fast rewind control
  • ImageButter

    5.3 3.1 C
    Makes dealing with images buttery smooth
  • ComplimentaryGradientView

    5.3 6.9 Swift
    Create complementary gradients generated from dominant and prominent colors in supplied image. Inspired by Grade.js.
  • MusicKit

    5.2 4.2 Swift
    A framework for composing and transforming music in Swift
  • TheAmazingAudioEngine2

    5.2 8.2 Objective-C
    The Amazing Audio Engine is a sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.
  • SABlurImageView

    5.2 4.0 Swift
    Easily Adding Animated Blur/Unblur Effects To An Image.
  • UIImage DSP

    5.1 0.0 Objective-C
    IOS UIImage processing functions using the vDSP/Accelerate framework for speed.

    5.1 1.3 Objective-C
    iOS/OSX DSP for audio (with Novocaine)
  • TGLParallaxCarousel

    5.0 3.8 Swift
    A lightweight 3D Linear Carousel with parallax effect
  • BKAsciiImage

    5.0 0.0 Objective-C
    A library to render UIImage as ASCII art
  • VIMVideoPlayer

    5.0 2.0 Objective-C
    A simple wrapper around the AVPlayer and AVPlayerLayer classes.
  • Jukebox

    4.9 4.4 Swift
    Player for streaming local and remote audio files. Written in Swift.
  • JLStickerTextView

    4.7 4.4 Swift
    A UIImageView allow you to add multiple Label (multiple line text support) on it, you can edit, rotate, resize the Label as you want with one finger ,then render the text on Image.
  • ESTMusicIndicator

    4.7 4.2 Swift
    Cool Animated music indicator view written in Swift
  • KFSwiftImageLoader

    4.7 4.3 Swift
    An extremely high-performance, lightweight, and energy-efficient pure Swift async web image loader with memory and disk caching for iOS and  Watch.
  • TuningFork

    4.6 3.3 Swift
    A Simple Tuner for iOS
  • Chirp

    4.3 0.2 Swift
    The easiest way to prepare, play, and remove sounds in your Swift app!
  • ImageLoaderSwift

    4.3 5.7 Swift
    A lightweight and fast image loader for iOS written in Swift.
  • Airstream

    4.2 6.9 Objective-C
    A framework for streaming audio between Apple devices using AirPlay.
  • AudioPlayer

    4.2 7.7 Swift
    AudioPlayer is syntax and feature sugar over AVPlayer. It plays your audio files (local & remote).
  • Beethoven

    4.1 7.0 Swift
    An audio processing Swift library for pitch detection of musical signals.
  • Moa

    4.1 6.6 Swift
    An image download extension of the image view for iOS, tvOS and macOS.
  • Vulcan

    4.0 6.1 Swift
    Multi image downloader with priority in Swift.
  • SSVideoPlayer

    4.0 0.9 Objective-C
    A video player that support both local and network resource.
  • PDFGenerator

    3.9 7.0 Swift
    A simple Generator of PDF in Swift. Generate PDF from view(s) or image(s).
  • MapleBacon

    3.9 5.0 Swift
    An image download and caching library for iOS written in Swift.
  • NSGIF2

    3.8 6.3 Objective-C
    Simplify creation of a GIF from the provided video file url.
  • AVAnimator

    3.8 4.2 Objective-C
    An open source iOS native library that makes it easy to implement non-trivial video/audio enabled apps.
  • PASImageView

    3.7 2.1 Swift
    Rounded async imageview downloader lightly cached and written in Swift
  • MPMoviePlayerController-Subtitles

    3.7 2.6 Swift
    MPMoviePlayerController-Subtitles is a library to display subtitles on iOS. It's built as a Swift extension and it's very easy to integrate. [e]
  • Agrume

    3.6 6.2 Swift
    A lemony fresh iOS image viewer written in Swift.
  • AvatarImageView

    3.5 7.9 Swift
    AvatarImageView is a UIImageView subclass designed to show a user's profile picture, falling back to their initials when a picture is unavailable.
  • MetalAcc

    3.4 4.5 Swift
    GPU-based Media processing library using Metal written in Swift.

    3.1 7.8 Swift
    Generate PDF using commands and automatic layout.
  • SwiftyAvatar

    3.0 6.7 Shell
    A UiimageView class for creating circular avatar images, IBDesignable to make all changes via storyboard
  • ios-360-videos

    3.0 8.3 Objective-C
    NYT360Video plays 360-degree video streamed from an AVPlayer.
  • JMCMarchingAnts

    2.8 0.4 Swift
    Library that lets you add marching ants (animated) selection to the edges of the images.
  • Navi

    2.7 4.5 Swift
    Focus on avatar caching.
  • PlayerView

    2.6 2.2 Swift
    Player View is a delegated view using AVPlayer of Swift
  • SRGMediaPlayer-iOS

    2.6 7.5 Objective-C
    The SRG Media Player library for iOS provides a simple way to add a universal audio / video player to any iOS application.
  • JDSwiftAvatarProgress

    2.6 0.2 Shell
    Easy customizable avatar image asynchronously with progress bar animated
  • Lightbox

    2.5 6.7 Swift
    A convenient and easy to use image viewer for your iOS app.
  • CDFlipView

    2.5 3.6 Shell
    A view that takes a set of images, make transition from one to another by using flipping effects.
  • AudioPlayerSwift

    2.4 5.6 Swift
    AudioPlayer is a simple class for playing audio (basic and advanced usage) in iOS, OS X and tvOS apps
  • YXTMotionView

    2.4 0.0 Objective-C
    A custom image view that implements device motion scrolling.
  • SimplePDF

    2.3 2.1 Swift
    Create a simple PDF effortlessly.
  • sound-fader-ios

    2.1 7.5 Swift
    A sound fader for AVAudioPlayer written in Swift.
  • ShinpuruImage

    2.0 0.1 Swift
    Syntactic Sugar for Accelerate/vImage and Core Image Filters
  • Imaginary

    1.9 7.3 Swift
    🦄 Remote images, as easy as one, two, three.
  • SwiftPhotoGallery

    1.9 6.3 Swift
    Simple, fullscreen image gallery with tap, swipe, and pinch gestures.
  • FacebookImagePicker

    1.9 9.1 Swift
    Facebook album photo picker written in Swift.
  • OTAcceleratorCore

    1.8 4.3 Objective-C
    A painless way to integrate audio/video(screen sharing) to any iOS applications via Tokbox.
  • APKenBurnsView

    1.7 4.3 Swift
    Ken Burns effect with face recognition
  • AVPlayerViewController-Subtitles

    1.6 3.9 Swift
    AVPlayerViewController-Subtitles is a library to display subtitles on iOS. It's built as a Swift extension and it's very easy to integrate.
  • PPAssetsActionController

    1.6 7.8 Swift
    Highly customizable Action Sheet Controller with Assets Preview.
  • FastImage

    1.5 0.0 Objective-C
    Get a remote image's size and type without downloading the full image
  • Ody

    1.3 0.0 Objective-C
    Ody is an easy to use random image generator built with Swift, Perfect for placeholders.
  • UIView 2 PDF

    1.2 0.0 Objective-C
    PDF generator using UIViews or UIViews with an associated XIB
  • swift-360-videos

    1.1 6.4 Swift
    Pure swift (no SceneKit) 3D library with focus on video and 360.
  • VideoPager

    0.9 4.3 Swift
    Paging Video UI, and some control components is available.
  • Banana

    0.9 0.5 Swift
    Image slider with very simple interface.
  • QHSpeechSynthesizerQueue

    0.9 0.0 Objective-C
    Queue management system for AVSpeechSynthesizer (iOS Text to Speech).
  • SwiftPDFGenerator

    0.8 1.3 Swift
    PDF generator using UIViews; Swift Version of 'UIView 2 PDF'.
  • CLImageViewPopup

    0.8 4.6 Shell
    A simple Image full screen pop up
  • Silo

    0.5 0.0 Swift
    Image loading framework with loaders.
  • Ebblink

    0.5 5.0 Objective-C
    An iOS SDK for sharing photos that automatically expire and can be deleted at any time.
  • PSPDFKit

    - -
    Render PDF, add/edit annotations, fill forms, add/edit pages, view/create digital signatures.
  • QR Code Scanner

    - -
    QR Code implementation.
  • AudioBus

    - -
    Add Next Generation Live App-to-App Audio Routing

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