GRDB.swift v5.12.0 Release Notes

  • 🚀 Released September 25, 2021 • diff

    • 💥 Breaking Change: Minimum iOS version is now iOS 11.0, and 32-bits devices are no longer supported. This fixes issues introduced by Xcode 13 (#1033, #1059).
    • 🆕 New: FTS3Pattern(matchingAllPrefixesIn:) and FTS5Pattern(matchingAllPrefixesIn:) let you build full-text search patterns suitable for prefix queries.
    • 🆕 New: FTS3.tokenize(_:) and FTS5Tokenizer.tokenize(_:) let you tokenize input strings.
    • 📚 Documentation Update: Full-text search documentation was updated for the new search pattern initializers ([FTS3/4](Documentation/, [FTS5](Documentation/, and tokenization methods ([FTS3/4](Documentation/, [FTS5](Documentation/