Kingfisher v5.13.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-17 // 6 days ago
  • ➕ Add

    • 0️⃣ Mark DefaultCacheSerializer as public and enables the ability of original data caching. #1373
    • ➕ Add image compression quality parameter to DefaultCacheSerializer. #1372
    • A new contentURL property in ImageDataProvider to provide a URL when it makes sense. #1386

    🛠 Fix

    • Now, local file URLs can be loaded as Resources without converted to LocalFileImageDataProvider explicitly. #1386

Previous changes from v5.12.0

  • ➕ Add

    • Two error cases under KingfisherError.CacheErrorReason to give out the detail error information and reason when a failure happens when caching the file on disk. Check .cannotCreateCacheFile and .cannotSetCacheFileAttribute if you need to handle these errors. #1365

    🛠 Fix

    • A 32-bit Int overflow when calculating expiration duration when a large days value is set for StorageExpiration. #1371
    • 🏗 The build config for SwiftUI sub-pod now only applies to the KingfisherSwiftUI scheme. #1368