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  • v0.4.26 Changes

    September 25, 2017
    • 📜 Errors thrown during expression parsing phase no longer fail silently
    • 🛠 Fixed spurious error thrown when initializing UITabBar
    • 👌 Improved error reporting for views conforming to LayoutLoading protocol
    • 🛠 Fixed crash in Collection example when running on iOS 10
    • 🛠 Fixed infinite loop in LayoutLoading protocol error handler
    • Setting and getting directionalLayoutMargins now works on iOS 9 and above
    • Getting effectiveUserInterfaceLayoutDirection now works on iOS 9 and above
    • ⬇️ Reduced Layout framework compile time by a couple of seconds
    • ⚡️ Updated custom component docs
  • v0.4.25 Changes

    September 22, 2017
    • 🛠 Fixed regression in auto-sizing of AutoLayout-based components
    • 👀 Commenting-out string-based expressions now works more intuitively (see README for details)
    • Commenting-out outlet, xml or template attributes now works as you would expect
    • 0️⃣ Width and height of UIImageView are now set to auto by default
  • v0.4.24 Changes

    September 20, 2017
    • 🍱 Color expressions now support named color assets in iOS 11
    • ⚡️ It is no longer necessary to manually call update() after resizing a view programmatically
    • 🛠 Fixed UIScrollView.contentInsetAdjustmentBehavior error on iOS 11 when building with iOS 10 SDK
    • ➕ Added caching for color literals, improving performance for commonly-used colors
    • 🛠 Fixed bug where Layout sometimes failed to locate source XML file when using template composition
    • 🛠 Fixed landscape layout for UITabBarController on the iPhone X
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug where UICollectionView cells failed to resize themselves after reuse
    • ➕ Added support for UICollectionView.reorderingCadence property
  • v0.4.23 Changes

    September 19, 2017
    • ➕ Added full, backwards-compatible support for safe areas on iOS 11 (see README for details)
    • Percentage sizes now take content insets into account when used inside a scroll view
    • ➕ Added support for new iOS 11 text input properties
    • 👌 Improved messaging for XML parsing errors
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug when using parameters with external XML references
    • ✂ Removed private view properties from the Sublime Text autocomplete suggestions
  • v0.4.22 Changes

    September 10, 2017
    • ➕ Added Layout XML file autocompletion support for the Sublime Text editor (see README for details)
    • 🛠 Fixed a regression introduced in version 0.4.21 that caused constant values to be re-evaluated on each update
    • ⚡️ View and view controller properties whose value has not changed are no longer re-applied on each update
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug where constant expressions containing true, false or nil were re-evaluated on each update
    • 🛠 Fixed UIStackView auto sizing, which was broken in version 0.4.18
    • 📚 Clarified documentation for creating custom components
    • 👌 Improved LayoutTool formatting of expressions
  • v0.4.21 Changes

    September 06, 2017
    • 🛠 Fixed some race conditions in the expression setup process that sometimes resulted in spurious errors
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug where certain readonly properties would incorrectly be marked as settable
    • The UILabel.textAlignment property is now respected when using an attributedString expression
    • Paragraph spacing after <p> tags in HTML is now zero. Use <br/> to insert a blank line between paragraphs
    • ➕ Added support for UILabel.lineBreakMode property
  • v0.4.20 Changes

    September 05, 2017
    • 🛠 Fixed a change in the LayoutNode.bind() implementation that cuased a regression in one of our projects
  • v0.4.19 Changes

    September 05, 2017
    • Layout now compiles without modification in Xcode 9 using Swift 3.2 or 4.0
    • 🛠 Fixed a bug with disappearing UIAlertController buttons in iOS 9 (introduced in 0.4.14)
    • 👌 Improved scrolling performance for auto-sized UITableView cells
    • 👌 Improved UITableView auto height calculation when using multi-line labels
    • UITableView section headers and footers no longer vanish after calling reloadData
    • 🛠 Fixed some bugs in parsing of keyPaths in expressions
    • 👌 Improved expression parsing performance in Swift 3.2 and above
  • v0.4.18 Changes

    September 01, 2017
    • 👌 Improved support for UISearchBar, UISegmentedControl and UIStepper
    • ➕ Added customization options for UINavigationController's navigation bar and toolbar
    • ➕ Added customization options for UITabBarController's tab bar
    • 👌 Improved API for handling view constructor arguments and made it public
    • 👌 Improved documentation for view and view controller integration
    • 🛠 Fixed potential array bounds crash when adding views to a view controller
    • ➕ Added support for class property expressions
  • v0.4.17 Changes

    August 28, 2017
    • You can now use // comments inside layout expressions
    • Empty expressions are now permitted (they are treated the same as omitting the expression)
    • Table cell auto height is now calculated correctly for cells using multiline textLabel
    • 🗄 The state property is now deprecated. Use setState() instead
    • You can now call animated variants of property setters using setState(_:animated:)
    • 0️⃣ Default width is now capped at 100% of the parent width for views such as labels
    • Layout now correctly handles custom classes when app name contains spaces or punctuation
    • Throwing an error inside createView() for custom view subclasses no longer crashes