Programming language: Swift
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Latest version: v2.0.0

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Snowonder is Xcode Extension that adds some convenient formatting operations for Import Declarations. This extension is created with latest stable Swift release and fully open source. Snowonder is based on official Apple's XcodeKit which supports only Xcode of versions 8 and higher. If you're looking for a Snowonder that is compatible with Xcode 7.3 version please check legacy branch.

Important! 🌟 If you've experienced some trouble using Snowonder, please submit an issue with a description. This is the simpliest way to make the project better.

Build Status


  • [x] Adding Import Declarations from anywhere in code
  • [x] Import Declarations categorization
  • [x] Alphabetical sorting of Import Declarations in scope of category
  • [x] Duplicated Import Declarations filtering
  • [x] Both Swift and Objective-C programming languages support
  • [ ] Load config from JSON. Implemented in **config* branch, but stopped working after Xcode 10 release. Check #27*
  • [ ] Command Line Interface (CLI)


  1. Clone this repo and build Snowonder target via Xcode to get the app
  2. Close Xcode if it's currently running
  3. Put Snowonder.app into Applications folder and run it
  4. Click Enable Extension button
  5. Enable Snowonder in opened window. See screenshot below Enables
  6. Launch Xcode and check if Editor > Snowonder Extension is available


After installation you will be able to format import declarations on any file by selecting Editor > Snowonder Extension > Format Import Declarations or you can just simply setup shoutcut for this command.


To update Snowonder just replace the old Snowonder.app with updated verson.


To uninstall just put Snowonder.app into Trash.


Released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.md.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Snowonder README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.