SwiftDate v6.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-14 // 6 months ago
  • 🚀 Released on: 2019-09-13


    • 🛠 #682 - [FIX] Fixed Japanese relative datetime formatting.
    • 🛠 #693 - [FIX] Fixed wrong result when subtracting DateInRegion dates.
    • #676 - [NEW] Added difference() and differences() methods to get the difference between two dates expressed in variuous time components with respect to the other date as a positive integer.
    • #676 - [NEW] Added dateAt(dayOfMonth:monthNumber:yearNumber:) method to returns the date on the given day of month preserving smaller components.
    • #676 - [NEW] Added dateAfter(weeks:on:) method to returns the date after given number of weeks on the given day of week.
    • #676 - [NEW] Added next(:withWeekOfMonth:andMonthNumber:) method to returns next date with the given weekday and the given week number.
    • #676 - [NEW] Added next(dayOfMonth:monthOfYear:) method to returns the next day of month preserving smaller components (hour, minute, seconds).

Previous changes from v6.0.3

  • Released on: 2019-05-12


    • 📜 #670 [FIX] FixedtoISODate() which ignores explicitly passed Region instance. Now if region is passed it overrides any parsed timezone from ISO source string.
    • 🛠 #668 [FIX] Fixed missing zero padding with toClock() on the first digit.
    • 🐧 #652 [FIX] Resolved slow compiling times: moved RelativeFormatter's languages files to json. This currently breaks Linux compatibility because SPM does not support bundled resources.
    • #666 [NEW] Added dateAt(weekdayOrdinal:weekday:monthNumber:yearNumber:) nextWeekday() to both Date and DateInRegion