Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: Objective-C
License: MIT License
Tags: Security    
Latest version: v4.0.2

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Simple to use iOS 7 style Passcode - the one you get in Settings when changing your passcode.

How to use

Drag the contents of LTHPasscodeViewController to your project, or add pod 'LTHPasscodeViewController' to your Podfile (preffered).

If your app uses extensions, LTH_IS_APP_EXTENSION needs to be defined:

  • either in each target's Prefix.pch file, if there is one, via #define LTH_IS_APP_EXTENSION
  • or in each target's build settings, down to Preprocessor Macros, double click each of your schemes, click on the + on the popup that appears and add LTH_IS_APP_EXTENSION

Example, called in application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:

[LTHPasscodeViewController useKeychain:NO];
if ([LTHPasscodeViewController doesPasscodeExist]) {
    if ([LTHPasscodeViewController didPasscodeTimerEnd])
        [[LTHPasscodeViewController sharedUser] showLockScreenWithAnimation:YES
- (void)passcodeViewControllerWillClose;
- (void)maxNumberOfFailedAttemptsReached;
- (void)passcodeWasEnteredSuccessfully;
- (void)logoutButtonWasPressed;
- (NSTimeInterval)timerDuration;
- (void)saveTimerDuration:(NSTimeInterval)duration;
- (NSTimeInterval)timerStartTime;
- (void)saveTimerStartTime;
- (BOOL)didPasscodeTimerEnd;
- (void)deletePasscode;
- (void)savePasscode:(NSString *)passcode;
- (NSString *)passcode;
// All of them fall back on the Keychain if they are not implemented, even if [LTHPasscodeViewController useKeychain:NO] was called, for flexibility over what and where you save.
// Do you only want to save the passcode in a different location and leave everything else in the Keychain? Call [LTHPasscodeViewController useKeychain:NO], but only implement -savePasscode:
  • Open as a modal, or pushed for changing, enabling or disabling the passcode:
 @param viewController The view controller where the passcode view controller will be displayed.
 @param asModal        Set to YES to present as a modal, or to NO to push on the current nav stack.
- (void)showForEnablingPasscodeInViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController asModal:(BOOL)isModal;
- (void)showForDisablingPasscodeInViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController asModal:(BOOL)isModal;
- (void)showForChangingPasscodeInViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController asModal:(BOOL)isModal;
  • Show the lock screen over the window:
- (void)showLockScreenWithAnimation:(BOOL)animated withLogout:(BOOL)hasLogout andLogoutTitle:(NSString*)logoutTitle;

// Example:
[[LTHPasscodeViewController sharedUser] showLockscreenWithAnimation:YES withLogout:NO andLogoutTitle:nil];
// Displayed with a slide up animation, which, combined with
// the keyboard sliding down animation, creates an "unlocking" impression.
  • Show the lock screen over a specific view. Works like the above method, but the size and center will be of the passed in view:
- (void)showLockScreenOver:(UIView *)superview withAnimation:(BOOL)animated withLogout:(BOOL)hasLogout andLogoutTitle:(NSString *)logoutTitle;

// Example:
[[LTHPasscodeViewController sharedUser] showLockscreenOver:popover withAnimation:YES withLogout:NO andLogoutTitle:nil];
  • entering foreground and resigning is handled from within the class.

If you're using Storyboards and need to show the lockscreen right at launch, but it's acting weird, you could try and initialise your Storyboard by code, as suggested in this issue by Ben (thank you!).

Makes use of SFHFKeyChainUtils to save the passcode in the Keychain. I know he dropped support for it, but I updated it for ARC 2 years ago (with help) and I kept using it since. The 'new' version isn't updated to ARC anyway, so I saw no reason to switch to it, or to any other library.

Feel free to contact me, or open an issue if anything is unclear, bugged, or can be improved.

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Licensed under MIT. If you'd like (or need) a license without attribution, don't hesitate to contact me.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the LTHPasscodeViewController README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.