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Easily handle server errors by default in iOS

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Swift Apps in a Swoosh! A modern framework for creating iOS apps, inspired by Redux.
Featured Library // Category Reactive Programming


Couchbase Mobile

Lightweight, embedded, syncable NoSQL database engine for iOS and MacOS apps.
Featured Library // Category Database

In-Depth: Adapting Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition for iOS

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A license list generator of all your dependencies for iOS applications
Featured Library // Category Tools

Clean Architecture on iOS

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Tutorial: Building an AR app with RealityKit

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Music Player in SwiftUI - The Search API

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What’s new in Flutter 2.5

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Windows MDM Solution

Experience Windows Modern Management powered with simplicity. Everything you need to provision, secure, and monitor your Windows 10 devices delivered to your fingertips.
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📝 Read, update and write your Xcode projects
Featured Library // Category Project setup


Custom presenters and better view controller presentation for iOS
Featured Library // Category Transition

Multipart uploads in Swift using Codables

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iOS: app upload via GitHub Actions

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Shopify’s Mobile Buy SDK makes it simple to sell physical products inside your mobile app. With a few lines of code, you can connect your app with the Shopify platform and let your users buy your products using Apple Pay or their credit card.
Featured Library // Category Official


A framework for presenting bars and view controllers as popup, much like the look and feel of Apple Music App.
Featured Library // Category Popup

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Useful for showing text or custom view tags in a vertical or horizontal scrollable view and support Autolayout at the same time. It is highly customizable that most features of the text tag can be configured. 标签流显示控件,同时支持文字或自定义View
Featured Library // Category Tag

What's new in PreviewDevice 0.8.0

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The Anatomy of a Key Path

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Swifty and modern UserDefaults
Featured Library // Category Database

Realm v10.15.1

A new version of Realm has been released
New Version


Unopinionated and flexible library for easily integrating Tumblr data into your iOS or OS X application.
Featured Library // Category Official

Accessibility rotors in SwiftUI

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Awesome iOS Weekly » 272

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  • Combine: Just the Basics – there's a lot to Combine, but here's all I actually use
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The Flutter GetX State Management

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🟣 Verge is a very tunable state-management engine on iOS App (UIKit / SwiftUI) and built-in ORM.
Featured Library // Category Reactive Programming