Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Latest version: v0.6.0

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Infinite paging, Smart auto layout, Interface of similar to UIKit.

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  • Swift 4.2
  • iOS 8.0 or later

How to Install PagingView


Add the following to your Podfile:

pod "PagingView"

Add the following to your Cartfile:

github "KyoheiG3/PagingView"


PagingView Variable

weak var dataSource: PagingViewDataSource?
  • DataSource of PagingView. Same as dataSource of UICollectionView.
var pagingMargin: UInt
  • Margin between the content.
  • Default is 0.
var pagingInset: UInt
  • Inset of content relative to size of PagingView.
  • Value of two times than of pagingInset to set for the left and right of contentInset.
  • Default is 0.
var infinite: Bool
  • Infinite looping enabled flag.
  • Default is true.

PagingView Function

func dequeueReusableCellWithReuseIdentifier(identifier: String) -> PagingView.PagingViewCell
  • Used by the delegate to acquire an already allocated cell, in lieu of allocating a new one.
func registerNib(nib: UINib?, forCellWithReuseIdentifier identifier: String)
  • If a nib is registered, it must contain exactly 1 top level object which is a PagingViewCell.
func registerClass<T : PagingView.PagingViewCell>(viewClass: T.Type, forCellWithReuseIdentifier identifier: String)
  • If a class is registered, it will be instantiated via init(frame: CGRect).
func reloadData()
  • Requery the dataSource and delegate as necessary.
func invalidateLayout()
  • Relayout as necessary.
func numberOfSections() -> Int
func numberOfItemsInSection(section: Int) -> Int
  • Information about the current state of the PagingView.
func scrollToPosition(position: PagingView.PagingView.Position, indexPath: IndexPath? = default, animated: Bool = default)
  • To scroll at Position.
  • Cell configure is performed at IndexPath.
func configureAtPosition(position: PagingView.PagingView.Position, toIndexPath: IndexPath? = default)
  • Configure cell of Position.
  • IndexPath of cell in the center if indexPath is nil.

PagingViewDataSource Function

func pagingView(pagingView: PagingView.PagingView, numberOfItemsInSection section: Int) -> Int
  • Paging count number of paging item in section.
func pagingView(pagingView: PagingView.PagingView, cellForItemAtIndexPath indexPath: IndexPath) -> PagingView.PagingViewCell
  • Implementers should always try to reuse cells by setting each cell's reuseIdentifier and querying for available reusable cells with dequeueReusableCellWithReuseIdentifier:.
optional func numberOfSectionsInPagingView(pagingView: PagingView.PagingView) -> Int
  • Paging count number of paging item section in PagingView.
  • Default return value is 1.
optional func indexPathOfStartingInPagingView(pagingView: PagingView.PagingView) -> IndexPath?
  • IndexPath when pagingView:cellForItemAtIndexPath: is first called
  • Default return value is 0 - 0 of IndexPath instance.

PagingViewDelegate Function

optional func pagingView(pagingView: PagingView.PagingView, willDisplayCell cell: PagingView.PagingViewCell, forItemAtIndexPath indexPath: IndexPath)
optional func pagingView(pagingView: PagingView.PagingView, didEndDisplayingCell cell: PagingView.PagingViewCell, forItemAtIndexPath indexPath: IndexPath)
  • Called at the display and end-display of.

PagingViewCell Function

func prepareForReuse()
  • if the cell is reusable (has a reuse identifier), this is called just before the cell is returned from the paging view method dequeueReusableCellWithReuseIdentifier:.


Under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.

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