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Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Tags: Utility    
Latest version: v6.0.1

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Features • Classes and Extensions Compatibility • Requirements • Communication • Contributing • Installing and Usage • Documentation • Changelog • Example • Todo • Author • License


BFKit-Swift is a collection of useful classes, structs and extensions to develop Apps faster. For example you can use every iOS font with just an enum! It also adds some useful functions with Custom classes and extends Foundation, UIKit, AppKit and WatchKit classes.

Classes and Extensions Compatibility


iOS macOS watchOS Linux
BFApp [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
BFBiometric [βœ“]
BFButton [βœ“]
BFDataStructures(List - Queue - Stack) [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
BFLog [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
BFPassword [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
BFSystemSound [βœ“]
BFTextField [βœ“]
BFTouchID [βœ“]  


iOS macOS watchOS Linux
Array [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
Collection [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
Data [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
Date [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
FileManager [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
Number [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
NSObject [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
NSAttributedString [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
NSPointerArray [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
ProcessInfo [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
Set [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
String [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
Thread [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]

Core Graphics

iOS macOS watchOS Linux
CGPoint [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]  

UIKit / AppKit

iOS macOS watchOS Linux
UIBarButtonItem [βœ“]
UIButton [βœ“]
UIColor [βœ“] [βœ“] [βœ“]
UIDevice [βœ“]
UIFont [βœ“] [βœ“]
UIImage [βœ“] [βœ“]
UIImageView [βœ“]
UILabel [βœ“]
UINavigationBar [βœ“]
UIPasteboard [βœ“]
UIScreen [βœ“]
UIScrollView [βœ“]
UITableView [βœ“]
UITextField [βœ“]
UITextView [βœ“]
UIToolbar [βœ“]
UIView [βœ“]
UIViewController [βœ“]
UIWindow [βœ“]  


iOS macOS watchOS Linux
UIWebView [βœ“] [βœ“]  


iOS macOS watchOS Linux
WKInterfaceController [βœ“]  


Swift Xcode BFKit-Swift iOS macOS watchOS Linux
1.2 6.3 1.0.0...1.4.1 7.0+
2.0...2.1 7.0 1.5.0...1.6.2 7.0+
2.2 7.3 1.6.3...1.7.0 7.0+
2.3 8.0 1.8.0 7.0+
3.0...3.1 8.0...8.3 2.0.0...2.3.0 8.0+ [βœ“]
3.0...3.1 8.0...8.3 2.4.0...2.5.0 8.0+ 2.0+ [βœ“]
3.0...3.2 8.0...9.0 2.6.0 8.0+ 10.10+ 2.0+ [βœ“]
4.0 9.0...9.2 3.0.0...3.1.1 8.0+ * 10.10+ * 3.0+ * [βœ“]
4.1 9.3...9.4 3.1.2...3.2.1 8.0+ * 10.10+ * 3.0+ * [βœ“]
4.2 10.0 4.0.0...4.1.0 8.0+ * 10.10+ * 3.0+ * [βœ“]
5.0 10.2...10.3 5.0.0 8.0+ * 10.10+ * 3.0+ * [βœ“]
5.1 11.2 6.0.0...6.0.1 8.0+ * 10.10+ * 3.0+ * [βœ“]

* With App Extension Support


  • If you need help, open an issue
  • If you found a bug, open an issue.
  • If you have a feature request, open an issue.
  • If you want to contribute, see Contributing section.



Installing and Usage

See Requirements section to check Swift, Xcode, BFKit-Swift and OS versions.


  • Open and build the framework from the project (BFKit.xcodeproj)
  • Import BFKit.framework into your project
  • Import the framework with import BFKit
  • Enjoy!


  • Create a Podfile in your project directory and write into:

    platform :ios, '8.0'
    xcodeproj 'Project.xcodeproj'
    pod 'BFKit-Swift'
  • Change "Project" with your real project name

  • Open Terminal, go to your project directory and type: pod install

  • Import the framework with import BFKit

  • Enjoy!


  • Create a Cartfile in your project directory and write into:

    github "FabrizioBrancati/BFKit-Swift"
  • Open Terminal, go to project directory and type: carthage update

  • Include the created Framework in your project

  • Add Build Phase with the following contents:

    /usr/local/bin/carthage copy-frameworks

    Add the paths to the BFKit-Swift framework under Input Files


    Add the paths to the copied frameworks to the Output Files


    This script works around an App Store submission bug triggered by universal binaries and ensures that necessary bitcode-related files are copied when archiving

  • (Optional) Add Build Phase with the following contents

    /usr/local/bin/carthage outdated --xcode-warnings

    To automatically warn you when one of your dependencies is out of date

  • Import the framework with import BFKit

  • Enjoy!

Swift Package Manager

  • Create a Package.swift file in your project directory and write into:

    // swift-tools-version:5.1
    import PackageDescription
    let package = Package(
        name: "Project",
        products: [
            .executable(name: "Project", targets: ["Project"])
        dependencies: [
            .package(url: "https://github.com/FabrizioBrancati/BFKit-Swift.git", .upToNextMajor(from: "4.0.0"))
        targets: [
            .target(name: "Project", dependencies: ["BFKit"])
  • Change "Project" with your real project name

  • Open Terminal, go to project directory and type: swift build

  • Import the framework with import BFKit

  • Enjoy!



Jazzy generated documentation - 100% Documented


To see what has changed in recent versions of BFKit-Swift, see the CHANGELOG.md file.


Open and run the BFKitExample project in Example folder in this repo with Xcode and see BFKit-Swift in action!


  • [ ] Add tvOS support
  • [ ] Create a new Example App that shows all the functionalities of BFKit-Swift
  • [ ] ~100% of code coverage with Unit Tests
  • [ ] Improve code to get an A from codebeat
  • [x] Add macOS support
  • [x] Add watchOS support
  • [x] Create Unit Tests and add Codecov badge
  • [x] Add Linux support (Foundation extensions only)
  • [x] Add Carthage support
  • [x] Add to CocoaPods
  • [x] Create a great documentation


Fabrizio Brancati

Website: https://www.fabriziobrancati.com Email: [email protected]


BFKit-Swift is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the BFKit-Swift README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.