PinLayout principles and philosophy * Manual layouting. No magic, pure code, full control. * Layout one view at a time. * Concise syntax. Layout most views using a single line. * Stateless: PinLayout doesn’t add any stored properties to UIViews. It simply computes the UIView.frame property, one view at a time. * Since it is stateless, it can be used with any other layout framework without conflicts. Each view can use the layout system that better suit it (PinLayout, constraints, flexbox, grids, …) A view can be layouted using PinLayout and later with another method/framework. * No constraints/No auto-layout * Minimize as much as possible calculations and constants when layouting views. * Methods match as much as possible other layouting systems, including CSS, flexbox, reactive Flexbox, …, * As in CSS and flexbox, right and bottom coordinates are offset from container view's right and bottom edges. * Shorter possible commands to layout views, but keeping english phrasing almost valid.

Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
Tags: Layout    

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