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CocoaPods for Xcode

project deprecated

This project is deprecated in favor of Editor Extensions support in Xcode 8+.

Manage your dependencies, with minimal command line hack-fu.


  • Downloads and integrates CocoaPods listed in a project's Podfile
  • Creates podspecs from a template
  • Shows command output in the window console
  • Installs documentation (from CocoaDocs) for the CocoaPods used in the open Xcode workspace
  • Supports using a custom path to your CocoaPods installation
  • Supports $GEM_HOME expansion, $GEM_PATH expansion, and rvm environments
  • Offline mode



  • Xcode 5+
  • CocoaPods 0.22.1+, by default expected to be installed to /usr/bin/pod. The installation path can be changed by editing GEM PATH in the Product > CocoaPods menu. More details can be found in the Usage section.


Install via Alcatraz


Clone and build the project, then restart Xcode.


Uninstall via Alcatraz


Run rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/CocoaPods.xcplugin/


Offline mode

In some situations, such as working under poor network conditions, you may want to run pod in offline mode. Toggle Product > CocoaPods > Update and Install Offline Only to enable offline mode.

Custom GEM_PATH setting

You can specify a custom GEM_PATH in the Product > Cocoapods menu. The default is /usr/bin and removing a custom value will restore the default. Both $GEM_HOME and $GEM_PATH are supported, along with rvm environments. That means the following settings are valid:


When specifying $GEM_PATH each path component will be expanded during command resolution. That means the following:

  expands to...
  /Users/jappleseed/.rvm/gems/[email protected]_gemset:/Users/jappleseed/.rvm/gems/[email protected]
  expands to...
  /Users/jappleseed/.rvm/gems/[email protected]_gemset/bin:/Users/jappleseed/.rvm/gems/[email protected]/bin

During command resolution, each path will be tested (in order) so that the first match is used.

Path expansion and command resolution occurs each time before a command is run. For an rvm environment, .ruby-version and .ruby-gemset (in the root project directory) can dynamically alter the environment and Cocoapods supports this behavior.

Using GEM_PATH with rvm

Under most circumstances in an rvm environment the following custom GEM_PATH setting should be used:

[Suitable rvm setting](menu_rvm.png)

NOTE: Behind the scenes, the /bin path element will be converted to /wrapper for rvm. If .rvm is not found in the expanded path, the /bin path element will remain unmodified.



cocoapods-xcode-plugin is licensed under the MIT open source license.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the CocoaPods Xcode Plugin README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.