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Makes Copy Xcode Issue Description Easy, Support Finding Answers in Google or StackOverflow Directly

The plugin is useful when you want to search for solutions for any Xcode issues e.g. error or warning.

It can copy the full issue description or it can automatically open your default browser and search Google (default shortcut ⇧⌥G) or Stackoverflow (default shortcut ⇧⌥S) for the selected issue.

What's the Difference

  • If you use the standard "Copy" (⌘C) to copy error or warning in the Issue Navigator, you will get "Issue Position + Issue Description":

/Users/Hanton/GitHub/HTYCopyIssue/HTYCopyIssue/HTYCopyIssue.m:21:7: Use of undeclared identifier 'sharedPlugin'

  • But if you use the "Copy Issue" (⇧⌘V), you will only get the "Issue Description":

Use of undeclared identifier 'sharedPlugin'

Then, you can paste it directly to the search engine for finding the solution. Or select an entry in the “ASK THE INTERNET” menu to open your default browser with a Google or Stackoverflow search.



Strip content inside quotation marks

Per default, everything inside ' and " is removed from the search query. Typically this includes local variable or method names.

How to Use

  1. Select the error or warning in the Issue Navigator;

  2. Use shortcut ⌘⇧C, or click the "Copy Issue" menu item in the Edit Menu; [Step2](screenshots/Step2.png?raw=true)

Alternatively, click the Copy Issue menu item in the context menu; [Step2Alternate](screenshots/Step2Alternate.png?raw=true)

  1. Paste the Issue Description to the search engine. [Step3](screenshots/Step3.png?raw=true)


Install via Alcatraz


Clone and build the project, then restart Xcode.


Uninstall via Alcatraz


rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/HTYCopyIssue.xcplugin/