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Programming language: Swift
License: MIT License
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Make Xcode Gr8 Again

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Xcode + Plugins = πŸ’™


A Mac App to reenable plugins on Xcode.

Use at your own risk. (More information on the risks below)



We need both, the MakeXcodeGr8Again and xGhostPreventer repos. When cloning the repo use git clone --recurse-submodules

If you've already cloned the repo then:

  1. Clone the 'MakeXcodeGr8Again' repository
  2. cd to the repository directory
  3. run git submodule init
  4. run git submodule update

To unsign your Xcode.app, just drag it into the MakeXcodeGr8Again gui window.

usage animation

Currently there are two modes of usage: regular and YOLO.


Simply drag your Xcode 8 App into the window. A new Xcode app will be created allowing the use of plugins.


Toggle the YOLO mode and drag the Xcode 8 App. That simple. This mode is called YOLO because it overwrites your binary with the unsigned version, if by some reason the process fails and you don't have a backup you may have to re-download (and re-extract) Xcode.

  1. Run this Terminal command:

Non-GUI Version

To self-sign Xcode 8 via Terminal, run this command:

  curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fpg1503/MakeXcodeGr8Again/master/selfsign.sh | sh

For Xcode Beta, run this terminal command:

  curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fpg1503/MakeXcodeGr8Again/master/selfsign.sh | sh -s beta

To clone your Xcode.app and preserve the original app signature, run this command:

  curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fpg1503/MakeXcodeGr8Again/master/selfsign.sh | sh -s copy


I don't want to build it from the source

Alan Hamlett was kind enough to generate a binary.

I've installed Xcode from the Mac App Store and the app is crashing

Michal Zelinka was able to solve this problem running MakeXcodeGr8Again as a privileged user.

Should I use it?

To answer this question let's provide you with some background so you can decide for yourself.

Why did plugins stop working?

Apple has allegedly disabled the use of plugins to avoid another incident like the Xcode Ghost :ghost:. In 2016's dub dub Apple announced their new Source Editor extensions.

Did they provide any alternatives?

Yes, as I mentioned above Apple announced Source Editor extensions. I was one of the first people in line for the Xcode lab to know more about it. Unfortunately these extensions are still pretty limited, run completely isolated from the Xcode process and require user interaction to do anything. They may, however, solve your problem, and if they do just use them.

What exactly are you trying to do?

The plugins I like the most work seamlessly (without any user interaction) like Polychromatic and OptionalOutlets. I've filed a radar asking for semantic highlighting support (rdar://27028207) but it remains Open. I had a discussion about it with some Apple engineers and they told me I should file a radar for the missing functionalities (radar or GTFO).

How can I help?

File radars. Period. This app is a hack and adds the vulnerability that allowed Xcode :ghost: to happen again, that said, it means you're exactly as safe as you were before. I wouldn't use a unsigned Xcode to upload a Build. I'd really like to disable app submissions on Xcode Gr8, there's an issue about it, feel free to help.

Contributing and future improvements

Known issues and road map are here. Feel free to open feature requests, issues and PRs.

:rocket: Let's Make Xcode Great Againβ„’



Special thanks/credits

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