Easy to read and write non-invasive multi-chain animation framework, it is inspired by JHChainableAnimations.

I think JHChainableAnimations uses the concept of DSL (Domain Specific Language). It translation the official complex animation API (including UIView and CACoreAnimation) into their own DSL language. This make it seem to be streamlined and efficient in dealing with animations, so I have kept all of its advantages as a single-chain animation framework as much as possible.

But it's shortcomings as a single-chain animation framework is also obvious. JHChainableAnimations is more powerless when the animation interaction is a bit more complicated. If there are multiple animations Which are independent of each other, JHChainableAnimations can not complete the task.

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Programming language: Objective-C
License: MIT License
Tags: Animation     Core Animation     UI     Objective C    

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    Multi-chain animation properties
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